Eye bags are too heavy for you to recommend the best way to go to the bags under the eyes

Eye bags are too heavy for you to recommend the best way to go to the bags under the eyes

I still remember the eye exercises that we had done in junior high school and high school. Every day, looking at the computer against the book, working overtime and working overtime, did not hinder eye exercises during the time.

Eye care surgery is to eliminate eye fatigue to prevent myopia, recombination is to eliminate eye swelling and prevent eye bags.

Eye cream, eye cream recovery is to eliminate fine lines on the eyes, replacement can remove eye bags.

However, the effective way to use it is to apply the eye cream to the belly of the hand and then apply it in a circular motion until the eye cream is completely absorbed by the eye skin.

Some people will find long-term edema in their eyes, which means that the food you eat is salty, which indirectly causes you to drink too much water before going to bed at night, which directly causes eye swelling. This is the cause of the formation of false eye bags.

Therefore, diet should pay attention to light, usually add more vitamin A, eat more black sesame, blueberry and other foods, is very good for the eyes.

Put on the eye massager before going to bed, don’t take it off at night, give the eyes a safe and comfortable massage all night, wake up in the morning, there will be no swelling and swelling of the eyes, naturally no eye bags.

In addition, applying green tea to the eyes is a good way to reduce swelling: soak the green tea bag with boiling water and apply it to the eye for ten minutes, and the edema will be eliminated soon.

If you do not have a tea bag, you can also replace it with boiled eggs.

However, these methods can only alleviate the urgency of the moment and cannot cure the problem.

If you have fresh potatoes at home, you can cut the small potatoes into small pieces and put them on your eyes for 15 minutes before going to bed at night, because the potato chips are very cold, and they are well-formed in the eyes.effect.

Apply once every other day.

Stick your eyes with your eyes, wash your face at night, after the mask is finished, let the music be relaxed and happy, relax your body, put your head on the pillow, close your eyes gently, then stick the eyeIn the eye, stick it for 15 minutes.

The eye patch shrinks to eliminate the eye bags, and it can also replenish the eye skin, leaving the skin delicate and flawless.

Walking every day, 4 benefits walk out, healthy and healthy

Walking every day, 4 benefits “walk” out, healthy and healthy

With the improvement of living conditions, the amount of exercise of people has dropped drastically, and the health status of many people has shown a sub-health state.

The root cause of this imagination is mainly related to unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.

Therefore, in recent years, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the nature of health, and are keen on exercise, among which walking exercise is one of the simpler ones.

In this issue, let’s take a look at the health benefits of walking exercise.

The benefits of walking exercise are more than one. Walking can enhance physical walking and make our legs move. It is easier for us to move our internal organs.

Nowadays, most people do not exercise in the office for a long time, and the body is in a state of no movement for most of the time. At the same time, the internal organs are still not moving, and it is prone to hardening and deformation over time.

If you walk often and let your body organs follow, you can reduce the chance of visceral illness. For example, walking can reduce the secretion of adrenaline, which can prevent vascular diseases.

2, walking can be active and sitting in the meridian, lying, the meridians on our body will also become unsmooth, easily lead to our body becomes hard, there will be uncomfortable symptoms when moving muscles.

This is because of the consequences of our infrequent movements, so people with such situations should pay attention to letting them move more and walk more.

Because there are a lot of acupuncture points under our feet, when we walk, these acupuncture points are pressed and stimulated, and the meridians and acupoints of the whole body are also exercised to dredge the meridians, and at the same time, it can promote blood circulation and enhance metabolism.

3, walking can lose weight and move less meat, although walking is not like running or other sports, can quickly consume energy, but insist on walking exercise can still help to lose weight, especially for people who want to stovepipe.

In addition, after a meal, I won’t find it.

Because we can consume 160 kilocalories of energy in one hour of walking, and walking after a meal can help the stomach to digest food, prevent slight accumulation in the body, and have the effect of slimming down.

4, walking can make the mood happy When we walk, the brain will be stimulated to release endocrine, easy to relieve the fatigue and stress of the day, the body will feel relaxed and comfortable.

Therefore, walking more can improve the health of the brain, and it is also good for improving memory.

Since walking has so many benefits to our body, how to walk and exercise is healthier?

Walking exercise has a particular emphasis on walking. Everyone walks regularly, but regular walking can bring health benefits.

Generally, people who are just beginning to walk will walk for half an hour at a normal pace, and then gradually progress gradually.

However, for people with a high heart rate or older age, it is necessary to slow down the walking speed when performing walking training.

·When you walk, you must have a correct posture, sit in a sitting position, walk and have a correct walking posture, and master the correct walking posture to make your body healthier.

The correct walking posture has requirements for the front and the back. When walking, the chest should be abdomen, the shoulders will naturally sink, and the two arms will naturally swing when walking.

In short, walking exercise can help us maintain health, especially now that young white-collar workers do not have time for continuous exercise, then choosing to go to work when they go to work or after work can improve many of our sub-health problems.

Milk tofu soup slimming side

Milk tofu soup slimming side

Tofu with milk can lose weight?

Both tofu and milk contain high nutritional value, but if you eat it properly, you can put it into a slimming effect.

Let’s take a look at the specific method of slimming milk tofu soup.

  The principle of weight loss: tofu articles – tofu contains a lot of plant protein, easy to eat into the stomach, is a lot of weight loss food.

Eating tofu is easy to have a feeling of fullness, while tofu is rich in plant-based trace elements, which can transfer excess water and improve digestion, especially for the slightness of the abdomen.

American movie star Elizabeth Taylor had succeeded in losing weight by eating tofu.

  The best match: all foods with high calcium content, guaranteed 1000 mg of calcium per day, is very necessary to maintain the body.

  Milk articles – In order to get the benefits of drinking milk to lose weight, it is necessary to control the total energy, and reduce the intake of other foods while drinking more milk, especially those with low nutritional value and high heat, such as sweet drinks, desserts., candy, puffed food, jelly cold skin and high fat foods, appropriate reduction of dinner staple food to ensure the balance of volume.

  If you drink milk between meals or before meals, you can help the body reduce appetite, and the diet for lunch and dinner is not excessive.

If your body is overweight or obese, it is not recommended to drink milk after meals or before going to bed.

Use milk to abdomen the waist.

  Milk tofu soup specific slimming method is as follows: Ingredients: 200 grams of tofu, 200 ml of milk, salt content, 1 spoon of sugar, chopped green onion, MSG.

  Practice: Put the tofu in the milk like a common tofu soup (add stirring water to the milk to prevent the dry pot). After boiling, you can eat it according to your own taste.

  You don’t need other foods when you lose weight with this product. This soup can be eaten until it is full.

  Taking time: You can only drink tofu milk soup on the first day, and add fruits and vegetables such as cucumber or tomato from the next day to increase the fiber content of the power and accelerate the metabolism. At this time, you obviously feel that the lower abdomen is flat, generally third.You can lose 1-2 kilograms a day, and have a flat stomach!

  Reminder: When using tofu milk to lose weight, be sure to pay attention to the daily conversion of food can not be less than 1,000 kcal.

What do you eat with qi and blood?

Palace Royal Diet – Ginger Duck

What do you eat with qi and blood?
Palace Royal Diet – Ginger Duck

Palace Royal Diet – Ginger Duck’s effect in the medicated diet, Angelica, Chuanxiong has the effect of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, medlar has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, Codonopsis pilosula, Astragalus membranaceus has the effect of qi, old duck can nourish yin and reduce fire.

Therefore, the ginger mother duck is wonderful in the qi and blood supplement, with the duck’s nourishing yin and reducing fire effect, so this medicated diet nourishes but not greasy, warm and not dry, especially suitable for hot weather, sultry attackTonic use.

The effect of ginger in addition to warming up is also the primary concern of this diet.

Ginger duck specific practice: take 1 red-faced muscovy duck for about 1 month (can also be replaced by vegetable duck, etc.), 50 grams of ginger, rehmannia, angelica, Chuanxiong, Astragalus 5 grams, 20 grams of wolfberry, sesame oil(with black sesame oil as a good) 20 grams, 50 grams of rice wine, 20 grams of sugar, 6 ml of soy sauce, 10 grams of salt, 2 grams of MSG.

Wash the duck meat, cut into pieces, and cut the ginger into pieces.

Add sesame oil to the pan, add ginger to the medium heat until 60% hot, and slowly musk.

Pour the duck into the ginger when it is slightly yellowed.

Stir fry until the duck meat is discolored. Pour in the appropriate amount and stir fry until it is colored. Stir well and pour in the rice wine. Continue to stir the medium heat for about 15 minutes.

Stir the duck meat with water. When the color is deep, add sugar, star anise, cinnamon, and season with salt.

Add water without duck meat, start a big fire and boil until it is low.

5 hours.

10 minutes before the pot, add 中 and other Chinese medicines, stir the heat and mix until the broth is strong. Finally, add the MSG to the pot.

Ginger duck is delicious, delicious, nutritious, and it is not too greasy. It is suitable for people with qi and blood deficiency. Symptoms often have shortness of breath, fatigue, pale complexion, dizziness, etc.After the activity, it is easy to fatigue and sweat, and I am afraid of cold.

Among them, ginger can warm the stomach and dispel cold, warm and benefit Qi; Astragalus, Codonopsis also has the effect of qi and nourishing; rehmannia, Angelica can nourish blood and nourish the liver and kidney; the main material of the duck is not dry, has nourishing YinThe role of fire.

Therefore, this medicated diet can be described as a good nourishing.

Although the ginger duck is good, but also to grasp a “degree” when eating, triggering Jia Yi said in “On the accumulation of the accumulation”: “Sometimes of life, but useless, then material strength will be bent.

“Do not overdo it during the eating process to prevent problems such as overnutrition, elevated blood pressure, and elevated blood pressure.”

This point, especially for people with high blood pressure and dyslipidemia, needs attention.

14 strategies to improve sleep quality Clear the barrier sleep

14 strategies to improve sleep quality Clear the “barrier” sleep

Lead: It may seem a little far-fetched to say that your sleep may be problematic, but in this productivity-driven society, sleep is often used as a victim of sacrifice for work.
Many people think that we need to pay attention to urgent and priority issues, but in fact we forget that sleep is one of the issues that needs priority attention.
  Psychology professors and behavioral sleep experts point out that adequate sleep is critical in ensuring health and quality of life.
As for how to improve your quality?
The following 14 strategies can improve your sleep quality.
Don’t worry about getting enough sleep for 8 hours. We often hear that enough sleep must be 8 hours.
In fact, sleep research experts say that this is just an average, and you may need more than 8 hours or less than 8 hours to keep you in top working condition.
Interestingly, it is common to see patients who have only 5 or 6 hours of sleep.
However, the patient’s family and friends have been worried about their lack of sleep time.
But in fact, these individuals have not been harmed, and they feel energetic throughout the day.
So you have to pay attention, as long as you can make your energetic sleep is good for you.
Don’t force yourself to fall asleep Many people force themselves to fall asleep, especially when there are important activities the next day, but you have to know that sleep has a biological process that cannot be forced to fall asleep.
Many times, short-term forced sleep, in the long run will lead to increased levels of insomnia.
So, let’s take a break instead of forcing ourselves to sleep.
So, suggestions can be involved in activities that make you relax, not those that you are eager to help you fall asleep.
Don’t sleep back when you don’t have symptoms of insomnia, don’t get up early in bed to wake up or wake up and stay up in bed.
Because doing so will upset your sleep patterns and lead to greater frustration.
List a list of your habits There are many rules for high-quality sleep: if you have regularity, find an way to relax yourself an hour before going to bed.
  But there will always be some people who break the rules, which will create a big obstacle to your sleep.
For example, drinking coffee before going to bed, working in bed, watching TV in bed.
If you have these problems, find a way to get rid of it.
The quality of sleep is always changing. Some bad habits are not always blamed, even if you currently have sleep problems.
Our sleep needs and sleep quality have been changing.
It may be very sensitive to outside disturbances at different times in our lives.
Many factors can cause this phenomenon, such as age, hormonal imbalances, illness, injury, stress and environmental changes.
Developing healthy sleep habits There are many ways to build your sleep needs, such as avoiding naps, exercising during the day, and dimming the bedroom lights at night.
Don’t worry about going to bed before going to bed. We tend to bring the troubles of the day to the bed.
If you experience some unpleasant things during the day, he is likely to affect your sleep.
Many of my patients have experienced work and family troubles during the day and have not affected their sleep even if they are resolved.
  Of course, at the beginning, your concerns may not be so obvious.
In most cases, patients report that they always think about trivialities when they try to fall asleep.When they think about it, they will find that the unresolved events that are encountered during the day will be presented as if they were movies.

  Therefore, we should go deeper to explore ideas that are of concern to others, they will amplify your troubles, so we have to find ways to clear them.


Recording the sleep log will let you know what you did at night. In particular, the log allows you to track your sleep patterns, daily habits and thoughts.

You can track down a few to go to bed; how long it takes to fall asleep; how long after you wake up at night to go to sleep; record your medication, alcohol and caffeine absorption.

  Note: If you are ready to record your thoughts, wait until dawn.

After all, it’s annoying to record those thoughts when you wake up.

Make it clear that what you want to change Before we start treating insomnia, we should clarify the reasons for improvement and think about your lack of satisfaction with those aspects of sleep.

Even if you have not experienced insomnia now, you can still find the problem you are facing with the help of it, so that you can change it in a targeted manner.


Two major obstacles to assessing sleep are: lengthy work hours and over-scheduled schedules.

You should consider how to adjust your schedule to improve your sleep quality.

Depriving sleep time can have serious consequences.

Insufficient sleep due to heavy workload is the leading cause of accidents.


Helping children For many children, premature class time has a great impact on their sleep.

In fact, some urban sleep experts and many parents tried to convince the school to change the class time, but the opinions were not adopted.

Therefore, parents are advised to educate their children to have enough sleep time to eliminate some of the interference factors in their bedroom, such as mobile TV, to encourage children to fall asleep earlier.


People who usually have insomnia spend a lot of time each day thinking about the effects of lack of sleep.

  Such as “I will lose my job”, “I will get sick” and so on.

Of course, we also know that the night of insomnia is very frustrating, so don’t enlarge the influence of insomnia, so as to help you overcome insomnia.


Behavioral cognitive therapy for insomnia is also suffering from insomnia?

Consider behavioral cognitive therapy.

Sleep hygiene rules are a good strategy for preventing insomnia.

It is like finding a dentist to wash your teeth.

Professor Speyer said that sometimes cleaning is not enough, and it needs to be placed.

Turn the clean sleep hygiene ratio into a filling.


Seek expert help If you think your sleep is disordered, you should go to the sleep center for expert help.

You can go to the expert’s help.

You have to be clear about the treatment of sleep disorders and there is no panacea.

Experts and doctors work together to guide each patient’s treatment plan to get the best treatment.

In the spring, I am still eager to reduce the clothes.

In the spring, I am still eager to reduce the clothes.

Due to the changing temperature in Yinchuan in recent days, the cold and sudden heat has caused a large number of people to get upper respiratory tract infections and catch a cold.

The number of cold patients in major hospitals in Yinchuan City has increased significantly.

Liu Hua, the chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the People’s Hospital of the Autonomous Region, reminded the public that spring is a period of high-risk flu, so it is best not to change spring clothes easily.

  In the past two weeks, the temperature in Yinchuan has risen from minus 10 degrees to 19 degrees above zero, and suddenly it has replaced zero degrees below zero. Many citizens in the sudden changes in high temperature have increased or decreased clothes and caught a cold.

Director Liu said that the weather in the spring is changeable. You should drink plenty of water. If you feel that your throat is uncomfortable, you can take some throat tablets. When you encounter wind and sand, it is best to wear a mask when you go out.

Try to take your child to a densely populated place. The child’s room should be kept warm and the humidity in the room should be increased. When the child moves and sweats, changing clothes in time can also significantly reduce the child’s respiratory illness.

“For children with cold and cough, prevention is better than cure. Parents can usually strengthen children’s physique by establishing a healthy diet and lifestyle.

“Fresh green leafy vegetables and various fruits are ingested with vitamin C. It can promote the synthesis of human immune group antibodies, enhance immunity, and prevent colds, so usually eat more vegetables and various fruits.

Eat more iron-rich foods, iron-rich foods can trigger the recovery of immune cells, milk, eggs, spinach, meat, etc. are very rich in iron content.

  Director Liu reminded the public that once the public is sick, they will go to the hospital for treatment in time, rest in bed, drink plenty of water and prevent fatigue.

“From the point of view of the consultation, patients who come to see a doctor have a long time after the illness, and generally need to last more than one week. If accompanied by a cough, the time will be shortened, so do not arbitrarily reduce clothes during this season.

Afghan secret recipe for rapid toothache removal

Afghan secret recipe for rapid toothache removal

As the saying goes, “Toothache is not a disease, it hurts to be fatal.”

When there is a toothache, in addition to going to the hospital to find a doctor, some small folk prescriptions can sometimes cause analgesia.


Take the appropriate amount of garlic, and apply it to the pain point after warming to relieve the symptoms of pulpitis, periodontitis and toothache.


After the MSG and the warm water are opened at a ratio of 1:50, the MSG solution is spit out for a while.

This is done twice in a row, and the toothache will disappear after two days of persistence.


When you have a toothache, you can cut a small piece of ginger and bite it in the sore area. If necessary, you can reuse it.


Take 10 grams of white pepper and grind it into the end, add white wine into a paste, and put it into the cavity in 4 times.


Take the right amount of the hive, add the right amount of pure alcohol, ignite and burn. When the hive is burnt into black ash, apply it to the affected tooth with your finger, generally 4?
5 minutes can relieve pain.


Take the lard, all parts of the new cotton, heat the cotton with lard, bite in the toothache for a while, 1 time 1 change, repeated several times.


Take Liushen Pills 1?
2 capsules, crushed and placed on the teeth of the gums 5?
10 clocks, once a day, generally no more than 3 times.


Take 100 grams of white wine into the cup, add 10 grams of salt, stir, and then boil and dissolve.

With a bite in the pain (do not swallow), the toothache will stop immediately.

Teach you to solve menstrual problems and relieve pain

Teach you to solve menstrual problems and relieve pain

To alleviate menstrual pain, we must gradually adjust from the aspects of daily life, diet, mood, and work and rest: 1.

Stay in the cold.

A long time in the cold and wet place or during the menstrual period, cold bath, swimming, rain, etc. may cause cold evil to stay, affecting menstrual bleeding caused by poor menstrual bleeding.


The diet should be light.

Food is also like cold, hot, cold, warm and sour, bitter, sweet, spicy, salty and five flavors.

During menstruation, if you eat too many cold fruits, cold drinks, salt vinegar and other cold and sour foods, dysmenorrhea can also occur.

Therefore, the menstrual period should be based on light diet.


Have a good mood.

Dysmenorrhea can occur if there is sudden, intense or long-term mental stimulation during menstruation.

When passing by, the blood of the yin is depleted, the yang is partial, the emotion is easy to be excited, and when there is anxiety and anger, it is easy to cause the air machine to block, and the blood is lost and the dysmenorrhea occurs.

Therefore, during the menstrual period, you should consciously control your emotions, and be calm and happy.


Work and rest must be done.

Proper work and rest can reconcile the blood.

Before menstruation, the body will have backache and leg weakness due to physiological changes. If you are lazy in activity at this time, you will sit down and rest, and the air will not be harmonious. The blood will be poor, resulting in pain during menstruation.

Therefore, appropriate activities should be carried out before the menstruation to promote the smooth flow of blood, of course, do not over-activity, or gas consumption and injury can also lead to dysmenorrhea.


When you have menstrual pain, buy some brown sugar back, add a few slices of ginger, and put the water in the pot to boil. Wait until the water is warm to drink water, which can relieve dysmenorrhea.


Prepare a hot water bottle, but be careful not to be too hot, about 60-70 degrees, and then put it on the small belly, it can also relieve pain.


If it is really painful, don’t be tolerant, and it is not good for your health. You can go to the hospital to check if there is any organic problem. If not, you can take some medicine under the guidance of a doctor.You can go to see Chinese medicine, and the effect of Chinese medicine is better.


The most important point is to take a good rest. Before you take a vacation, be careful not to be too tired, don’t drink cold things.

It is also a good idea to take more rest during the holiday period and take a rest in the dysmenorrhea.


In the lower abdomen, it can be done by clockwise grinding. It can also be recovered. Now there is a kind of fever stick on the market, which is attached to the small belly, which is warm and can relieve dysmenorrhea.

Jin Yong is 79 years old and is a heart-to-heart bridge. He still lives for 94 years. These 3 health tips are remembered by everyone.

Jin Yong is 79 years old and is a heart-to-heart bridge. He still lives for 94 years. These 3 health tips are remembered by everyone.

According to Hong Kong media reports, a generation of martial arts novel masters, Hong Kong “Ming Pao” founder Jin Yong (formerly known as Charlene) died of illness, at the age of 94.

Mr. Jin Yong is the most recognized master of martial arts novels in modern China. Although he does not have martial arts, his pen is his sword and sword!

Mr. Jin Yong left, leaving us with 14 classic martial arts books, such as “Flying Snow, Shooting White Deer, Laughing Book and Relying on Bixi”.

In many 70s, after 80s, Jin Yong is always the martial arts dream of youth.

In the past 20 years, Mr. Jin Yong has been repeatedly rumored to be rumored. When the 79-year-old Jin Yong participated in the event at the Shanghai Peking Opera Theatre in 2002, the public appearance was called: “The heroes” who once transmitted the news of birth.Jin Yong made his first public appearance.

On the same day, Jin Yong discovered to reporters that he had undergone a heart bypass surgery a while ago, and humorously said that “there is no opening of the heart, but the blood vessels of the heart have been cleared.”

Mr. Jin Yong, who was a 79-year-old heart bypass surgery, still lives long enough to leave us at the age of 94. He witnessed and participated in the stories and turmoil of modern China, which is a miracle.

And we should also pay attention to the health of those long-lived old people.

1, the longevity of the elderly health care: scientific eating habits Many surgical patients in order to add nutrients to the body as soon as possible, a large number of chicken soup, eat health products, but to increase the body’s digestion burden.

It is also difficult to treat the health care products without any purpose, and it is more of a “placebo” effect.

When Mr. Jin Yong was young, he was also a man who had no meat and no joy. He and Cai Wei, Ni Kuang and Huang Zhan called “the four great talents of Hong Kong”, drinking and eating meat on many public occasions.

In the later years, people who like to eat meat should also pay attention to scientific diet.

For the elderly, in addition to eating tonics, attention should be paid to animal and plant proteins. Dairy products and various vegetables and fruits should be used as necessary supplements. The general principle is comprehensive and balanced.

2, the longevity of the elderly health care: drinking more tea and tea is our traditional Chinese culture, tea is a drink for ordinary people, for people like Jin Yong, this may be a kind of road, a kindPractice, drinking tea is also tempering its own heart.

Tea contains beneficial substances in tea, some tea polyphenols, teas and so on.

Studies have shown that long-standing tea can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and reduce the risk of cancer.

3, the longevity of the elderly health care: every day more than 30 minutes of exercise, whether it is elderly or young people, to ensure that more than 30 minutes of exercise every day is necessary, nothing better than the benefits of exercise for the body.

Regular exercise makes heart and lung function stronger, and it can relieve anxiety and improve sleep quality.

Keeping exercise is good for reducing chronic diseases such as obesity, gout, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Mr. Jin Yong also exposed himself to the top of the mountain for a few minutes after the operation, until the body began to sweat slightly to stop rest.

Dear friends, Mr. Jin Yong is gone, he left us with too many memories.

Do you have anything to say to Mr. Jin Yong?

Please leave a message in the comment area below, and we will send you a trip to Mr. Jin Yong.

Suitable for breast enhancement recipes of all ages mm

Suitable for breast enhancement recipes of all ages mm

Adolescent women.

hzh {display: none; }  此时的女性可以多吃一些富含维生素E、维生素B、蛋白质以及能促进性激素分泌的食物,从而达到乳房健美的目的.

  At this time, the recipe for breast enhancement is as follows: ▲Chrysanthemum egg Cistanche, Hang Chrysanthemum, pine nuts, 10 grams each, duck eggs 2, a total of boiled, and after the duck eggs are cooked, knock on one and cook again, discard the eggs.

Eat one a day.

  ▲ sheep liver 焖 yellow 鳝 liver liver 10 grams, 150 grams of jaundice.

Slice the goat liver, cut the scutellaria, add MSG, cooking wine, soy sauce for 20 minutes, then use oil to explode goat liver and scutellaria, add 20 grams of black dates, 30 grams of peanuts, 10 grams of ginger, season with soy sauce, cooked and ready to eat.Eat once a night.

  The recipe for adult breasts at this time is as follows: ▲ Soymilk stewed mutton 150 grams of yam, 500 grams of mutton, 500 grams of soy milk, oil, salt, ginger each, these materials are stewed for 2 hours, once a week.

  ▲ ginseng lotus seed soup ginseng 5 grams, 20 grams of lotus seeds, 10 grams of rock sugar, mix it together for 1-2 hours, eat once every other day.

  Women over the age of 35, minor breast size unevenness, pay attention to sleeping position, take massage and other methods to correct, breast enhancement recipes are as follows: ▲ kelp squid kelp 200 grams, pig’s trotters, peanuts 150 grams, use casserole。
500 grams of squid, onions, ginger, oil, salt, wine, fried squid with ginger, onion, and then put into the good kelp, trotters and peanuts.

Eat 3 times a week.

  ▲ lychee porridge lychee 15 (shelled meat), lotus seeds, 150 grams of Huaishan, 250 grams of lean meat, cook them together with porridge, eat twice a week.