Be wary that these slimming foods don’t lose weight.

Be wary that these “slimming foods” don’t lose weight.

There are many seemingly healthy foods, or some that are considered healthy within our common sense, and actually contain a lot of calories and fat.
  Healthy eating is a compulsory course for weight loss, and the selection of healthy food is much more learned!
There are many seemingly healthy foods, or some that are considered healthy within our common sense, and actually contain a lot of calories and fat.
As long as you don’t pay attention, you will be able to take advantage of them and enter your diet recipe!
Here are a reminder to the sisters who are losing weight, to make a good off of their weight loss menu!
  Soups In fact, many kinds of soups are nutritious, healthy and delicious, and at the same time they can make people full, which is one of the recommended foods for weight loss.
However, it is worth noting that Western-style soups often use butter or milk as raw materials, and a small bowl contains a lot of calories.
Therefore, you may want to pay attention to the beauty of eating Western food!
  Sugar-free cookies Don’t think that “no sugar” means “safety.” In fact, this will only entice you to eat more!
Many foods that are advertised as “sugar-free” will allow you to relax your alert from the beginning. If you eat it unrestrainedly, you won’t be fat.
  Pork The value of pork’s weight loss lies in its source and cooking methods.
A loin of tender meat with low-calorie sauce is used to cook. Pork can be a delicious low-fat, low-calorie food.
Of course, most of the pork-related dishes will still be fat and stained, depending on how you choose.
  Coffee For everyone who wakes up with a large cup of coffee every morning, the following is sure to be good news: coffee itself is zero-calorie.
But not everyone is just drinking bitter coffee without sugar or milk?
The calorie content of coffee depends on the amount of condiments it adds and the amount of coffee. In order to lose weight, you have to look at it.
  Salad Condiments Some studies have found that women who eat a lot of salads every day, 60% of their total daily fat intake comes from salad dressings.
Just throw some cheese, toast or bacon on your salad and you will immediately destroy your healthy lunch!
  Dried Fruits and Cereals Dried fruits do not contain water, which means they have a very high caloric density.
Foods such as raisins, dried apples and almonds all look healthy, but in fact their high heat is not negligible.
It is okay to eat, but if you think you can sit down and enjoy these “low card” foods, you are wrong.
The same is true for cereals, so the weight is still very important, don’t indulge yourself at any time.
  Juice and soda You might think that it’s just a bottle of drink, no big deal.
But you have to think about it, a glass of juice in the morning, a bottle of soda in the afternoon, plus a small snack while eating a drink, the extra 400 calories are so easy to “invade” your body.
The concept of equating a drink with “water” is unacceptable. The heat is accumulated every little bit, and you can’t ignore the long-term consequences.
  Low-fat/low-calorie foods The so-called “low-fat” and “low-calorie” are just blindness, and how low is not “zero calories”.
For example, a low-fat cake is actually only a little bit lower than the fat content of ordinary cakes, but it can easily fool you, so that you can eat the whole piece with confidence.
Remember, the cake is a cake after all. The next time you see the label of “Low Fat” and “Low Card”, you need to wake up to 12 points. Other foods are the same!
  Nuts In fact, nuts are usually healthy and they are rich in protein and vitamins.
However, their health is premised – only when you eat a small portion.
For example, peanuts, few people will stop and eat it?
Many people end up eating it, and must eat a bag or see the bottom of the can before they are willing to give up.
The fat and calorie content of the nuts is very high. If you look at this article and just hold a can of nuts, be careful!

Smart people are healthy in the fall, take 4 kinds of peppers, and the body is healthy and strong for 1 day than 1 day.

Smart people are healthy in the fall, take 4 kinds of peppers, and the body is healthy and strong for 1 day than 1 day.

Pepper is a seasoning that we often use in our daily life. It can be used for both diet and medicinal purposes. Some people will not like it. But in fact, the effect of pepper is high and the nutritional value is high.Go to the cold, strengthen the teeth, and moisturize the scalp.

Today, let’s share with you how to use pepper. Let’s take a look.


The pepper is soaked in the autumn and the weather is dry. The foot of the pepper has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. The hot pepper is hot, the taste is spicy, and the aromatic oil is replaced. The foot of the pepper can promote blood circulation, and the blood stasis caused by cold, cold and the like hasVery good role, cold hands and feet of female friends can insist on using pepper to soak feet, can penetrate a good relief, pepper can also go to foot odor, for athletes with athlete’s foot, you can use pepper to soak your feet.

The method is very simple. Take a small bottle or a small bucket to add pepper before going to bed at night, then warm the water, the water temperature should not be too hot, about 40 degrees, soak for 15 to 20 minutes.

Then when you are soaking your feet, you can use our right and left hands to alternately massage our Yongquan points. The water temperature of the feet should not be too high to avoid burning the feet.


The pepper contains a kind of volatile oil, which can maximize the phagocytic activity of macrophages in the human body. Therefore, drinking water with pepper can enhance the body’s immunity; the pepper has the effect of dispelling cold and stopping diarrhea.

However, pepper water is suitable for diarrhea of the cold type, and some are diarrhea caused by cold.

If there is stool thinness, even aversion to cold and fever, headache, stuffy nose, sore body and other symptoms, and they eat more cold food or long-term expectation in the air-conditioned room, probably got the type of cold diarrhea.


Eat some pepper buds and pepper buds are also nutritious foods, rich in high protein, high dietary fiber, vitamins and anti-materials, of which vitamin B2 is high, and vitamin B2 deficiency is easy to cause our keratitis, dermatitis, etc.At this time, you can eat more pepper.


Women who have experienced dysmenorrhea in dysmenorrhea know that dysmenorrhea is a very painful thing. Some people may even have painkillers to relieve them. In fact, this is very bad for the body; we can choose to use pepper powder to alleviateDysmenorrhea, the method is very simple, prepare pepper and pepper amount, after they are ground together, add appropriate amount of white wine into a paste, apply to the belly button, once a day can help relieve the cold condensate, caused by palace coldDysmenorrhea.

Beauty slimming secret recipe DIY

Beauty slimming secret recipe DIY

Beauty slimming is not only the exercise or dieting can play a role, the appropriate diet can also play a corresponding role, now let us look at the beauty of the diet slimming secret recipe!

  Yi-style fiber vegetable soup material: one-quarter of tomatoes, onions, one garlic, one teaspoon of olive oil, and seasoning instead.

  Practice: Draw a cross on the bottom of the tomato and put it in boiling water for about 10 seconds before picking up the skin.

Garlic, onion washed and peeled, cut into fine.

After pouring the olive oil into the pan, add garlic, onion and stir-fry until golden brown.

Finally add tomatoes and two bowls of water to boil, add seasoning before the pot, you can eat.

  Efficacy: This soup is basically not low, but it can also be very satisfying. It is very suitable for eating when you lose weight.

  Winter melon barley lean broth material: melon three pounds, coix seed two two, lean pork half a catty, a small piece of dried tangerine peel, seasonings.

  Practice: Wash the melon with the skin and spare.

Put the barley, lean pork, dried tangerine peel in the water, cook for 20 minutes on high heat, then cook for two hours on low heat.

Finally, add the melon and cook for 20 minutes, then add the appropriate salt to taste.

  Efficacy: can go to edema, both whitening function.

  Fruit Yogurt Material: All kinds of fruit, Yogurt.

  Practice: Optional low-insulin fruit in the season, topped with low-glycemic yoghurt, ready to eat.

  Efficacy: can supplement vitamins and eliminate constipation.

  Rose Jasmine Honey Black Tea Material: Rose, jasmine, and black tea.

  Practice: Put roses, jasmine and tea bags in hot water for a few minutes, then add honey to use.

  Efficacy: Adjustable blood and eliminate excess meat in the abdomen. It is a very good beauty drink.

  Lemonade diet material: yellow lemon, mineral water.

  Method: One liter of water plus half a lemon juice is placed in the refrigerator.

This diet is to drink at least three liters of lemonade a day, without special diet or snacks, but must always be supplemented with lemonade.

In addition, it needs to be combined with daily exercise for 15 minutes. It doesn’t have to be continuous, and the time is also dispersed to help perspiration (excluding harmful substances in the body).

  Efficacy: Lemonade can quench your thirst and dilute the desire to eat, so it can effectively inhibit improper diet, plus a total of 15 minutes of exercise a day, the effect will be very significant.

  Soup soup water diet material: pre-dinner soup or warm water.

  Method: Drink a bowl of nutrient-rich, low-denatured soup or a large cup of warm water before meals so that you don’t eat too much when you place it.

  Efficacy: can reduce food intake.

  Drink vinegar diet material: vinegar, three to five drops of marine brine, honey, mineral water.

  Method: buy ordinary rice vinegar or natural brewed vinegar, add honey and water and brine to make a drink before three meals.

  Efficacy: vinegar itself has amino acids, which can consume phlegm in the body.

Brine helps to eliminate constipation.

Milk tofu soup slimming side

Milk tofu soup slimming side

Tofu with milk can lose weight?

Both tofu and milk contain high nutritional value, but if you eat it properly, you can put it into a slimming effect.

Let’s take a look at the specific method of slimming milk tofu soup.

  The principle of weight loss: tofu articles – tofu contains a lot of plant protein, easy to eat into the stomach, is a lot of weight loss food.

Eating tofu is easy to have a feeling of fullness, while tofu is rich in plant-based trace elements, which can transfer excess water and improve digestion, especially for the slightness of the abdomen.

American movie star Elizabeth Taylor had succeeded in losing weight by eating tofu.

  The best match: all foods with high calcium content, guaranteed 1000 mg of calcium per day, is very necessary to maintain the body.

  Milk articles – In order to get the benefits of drinking milk to lose weight, it is necessary to control the total energy, and reduce the intake of other foods while drinking more milk, especially those with low nutritional value and high heat, such as sweet drinks, desserts., candy, puffed food, jelly cold skin and high fat foods, appropriate reduction of dinner staple food to ensure the balance of volume.

  If you drink milk between meals or before meals, you can help the body reduce appetite, and the diet for lunch and dinner is not excessive.

If your body is overweight or obese, it is not recommended to drink milk after meals or before going to bed.

Use milk to abdomen the waist.

  Milk tofu soup specific slimming method is as follows: Ingredients: 200 grams of tofu, 200 ml of milk, salt content, 1 spoon of sugar, chopped green onion, MSG.

  Practice: Put the tofu in the milk like a common tofu soup (add stirring water to the milk to prevent the dry pot). After boiling, you can eat it according to your own taste.

  You don’t need other foods when you lose weight with this product. This soup can be eaten until it is full.

  Taking time: You can only drink tofu milk soup on the first day, and add fruits and vegetables such as cucumber or tomato from the next day to increase the fiber content of the power and accelerate the metabolism. At this time, you obviously feel that the lower abdomen is flat, generally third.You can lose 1-2 kilograms a day, and have a flat stomach!

  Reminder: When using tofu milk to lose weight, be sure to pay attention to the daily conversion of food can not be less than 1,000 kcal.

Suitable for breast enhancement recipes of all ages mm

Suitable for breast enhancement recipes of all ages mm

Adolescent women.

hzh {display: none; }  此时的女性可以多吃一些富含维生素E、维生素B、蛋白质以及能促进性激素分泌的食物,从而达到乳房健美的目的.

  At this time, the recipe for breast enhancement is as follows: ▲Chrysanthemum egg Cistanche, Hang Chrysanthemum, pine nuts, 10 grams each, duck eggs 2, a total of boiled, and after the duck eggs are cooked, knock on one and cook again, discard the eggs.

Eat one a day.

  ▲ sheep liver 焖 yellow 鳝 liver liver 10 grams, 150 grams of jaundice.

Slice the goat liver, cut the scutellaria, add MSG, cooking wine, soy sauce for 20 minutes, then use oil to explode goat liver and scutellaria, add 20 grams of black dates, 30 grams of peanuts, 10 grams of ginger, season with soy sauce, cooked and ready to eat.Eat once a night.

  The recipe for adult breasts at this time is as follows: ▲ Soymilk stewed mutton 150 grams of yam, 500 grams of mutton, 500 grams of soy milk, oil, salt, ginger each, these materials are stewed for 2 hours, once a week.

  ▲ ginseng lotus seed soup ginseng 5 grams, 20 grams of lotus seeds, 10 grams of rock sugar, mix it together for 1-2 hours, eat once every other day.

  Women over the age of 35, minor breast size unevenness, pay attention to sleeping position, take massage and other methods to correct, breast enhancement recipes are as follows: ▲ kelp squid kelp 200 grams, pig’s trotters, peanuts 150 grams, use casserole。
500 grams of squid, onions, ginger, oil, salt, wine, fried squid with ginger, onion, and then put into the good kelp, trotters and peanuts.

Eat 3 times a week.

  ▲ lychee porridge lychee 15 (shelled meat), lotus seeds, 150 grams of Huaishan, 250 grams of lean meat, cook them together with porridge, eat twice a week.