What is the risk of suffering from a prostate cyst?

How to prevent prostate cysts

What is the risk of suffering from a prostate cyst?
How to prevent prostate cysts

Prostatic cysts are also common prostate diseases, which can cause urinary tract infections and endanger the health of the kidneys.

So how do we prevent prostate cysts in our daily routine?

What harm does a male suffer from a prostate cyst?

Let’s take a look at it together.

The harm caused by prostate cysts 1, damage to kidney function, and even into uremia.

The bladder muscle will become tension-free due to contraction and hypoxia. At this time, the bladder cavity will expand, and the urine in the posterior bladder will pour into the ureter and renal pelvis to cause hydronephrosis. In severe cases, renal function damage will cause uremia, which will endanger.life.

2, may cause the elderly small intestinal gas and other diseases.

When dysuria persists, frequent exertion will cause the intestines to protrude from the weak part of the abdomen, forming high blood pressure, which is usually called small intestine.

Also induced varicose veins of the lower extremities.

3, triggering elderly bladder stones.

In the normal case of the urinary tract, there will be no stones in the bladder, and even if there is, it will be excreted in the urine.

But prostatic hyperplasia will cause stones to be present in the bladder.

4, causing urinary incontinence or urinary retention.

Due to the residual bladder’s ability to lose bladder contraction, DCs increase urine inside the bladder, which is the cause of urinary incontinence and urinary retention.

How to prevent prostate cysts?

1, health: pay attention to personal hygiene, insist on cleaning the lower body every night.

2, work and rest: develop a good habits, adjust the work, life rhythm, do work and rest, do not be excessive fatigue.

3, can not be cold: pay attention to keep warm and cold, according to temperature changes, timely increase or decrease clothes.

4, smooth stool: in the daily diet should pay attention to eat more vegetables and fruits, the right amount of exercise is also very necessary, regular bowel movements every day, if constipation should be treated in time.

5, the mood is comfortable: to have an optimistic, positive spirit, when you are in a bad mood, you must learn to self-resolve and restore a happy mood.

6, the law of sexual life: sexual life should not be excessive, but can not be absent, it is best to have sex after the second day without fatigue.

7, do not drink: usually do not drink, even on holidays or must be social entertainment occasions try not to drink, if not, only drink a small amount of low-alcohol.

[Tips]Through the above introduction, once a similar symptom appears, it must be paid attention to, it is necessary to go to the male hospital in time to check, to determine the cause can be symptomatic treatment.

Scientific examination to find out the cause of symptomatic treatment is the key.

Sleep too short or too long will hurt your health

Sleep too short or too long will hurt your health

“Turning the bed in bed is the best thing in the world!

“Do you often hear such words in your ear?

But many studies have shown that sleep time is closely related to the risk of diseases such as heart disease, rather than how long it takes to sleep.

So, if you want to stay healthy, how much sleep time is good?

Sleeping too short or too long can affect health According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine for 54,000 people over the age of 45, there is a close relationship between the length of sleep and health.

According to the survey results, people who sleep less than 6 hours a day have a higher rate of heart disease, stroke and diabetes than those who sleep 7-9 hours a day.

People who sleep less than 6 hours have a higher incidence than those who sleep more than 10 hours.

Thus, the relationship between sleep time and health has been confirmed.

Based on the results of this survey, doctors need to comprehensively consider the relationship between mental level and weight and sleep time when guiding chronic diseases such as diabetes, and provide guidance.

Balancing sleep time and sleep quality to ensure good sleep According to the survey results, the most healthy sleep time is 7-9 hours.

Sleeping too long can easily lead to difficulty sleeping, and the elderly affect sleep quality.

Quality sleep quality is an important guarantee for human health.

When it comes to human health, people don’t think that if you eat a certain kind of food or do a certain kind of exercise, you can really get healthy. Every element must be balanced, and interaction can bring health. Sleep is the same.

Good sleep must balance sleep time with sleep quality.

Too many people usually work overtime, often lack of sleep, and wait until the weekend to sleep late, in anticipation of “recovering” the usual feelings, but this model is not really healthy mode, but it hurts the body.

Appropriate daily 7-9 hours of sleep, wake up in the morning and wake up immediately, do not lie lazy in bed, good for health and beauty.


Teach you to solve menstrual problems and relieve pain

Teach you to solve menstrual problems and relieve pain

To alleviate menstrual pain, we must gradually adjust from the aspects of daily life, diet, mood, and work and rest: 1.

Stay in the cold.

A long time in the cold and wet place or during the menstrual period, cold bath, swimming, rain, etc. may cause cold evil to stay, affecting menstrual bleeding caused by poor menstrual bleeding.


The diet should be light.

Food is also like cold, hot, cold, warm and sour, bitter, sweet, spicy, salty and five flavors.

During menstruation, if you eat too many cold fruits, cold drinks, salt vinegar and other cold and sour foods, dysmenorrhea can also occur.

Therefore, the menstrual period should be based on light diet.


Have a good mood.

Dysmenorrhea can occur if there is sudden, intense or long-term mental stimulation during menstruation.

When passing by, the blood of the yin is depleted, the yang is partial, the emotion is easy to be excited, and when there is anxiety and anger, it is easy to cause the air machine to block, and the blood is lost and the dysmenorrhea occurs.

Therefore, during the menstrual period, you should consciously control your emotions, and be calm and happy.


Work and rest must be done.

Proper work and rest can reconcile the blood.

Before menstruation, the body will have backache and leg weakness due to physiological changes. If you are lazy in activity at this time, you will sit down and rest, and the air will not be harmonious. The blood will be poor, resulting in pain during menstruation.

Therefore, appropriate activities should be carried out before the menstruation to promote the smooth flow of blood, of course, do not over-activity, or gas consumption and injury can also lead to dysmenorrhea.


When you have menstrual pain, buy some brown sugar back, add a few slices of ginger, and put the water in the pot to boil. Wait until the water is warm to drink water, which can relieve dysmenorrhea.


Prepare a hot water bottle, but be careful not to be too hot, about 60-70 degrees, and then put it on the small belly, it can also relieve pain.


If it is really painful, don’t be tolerant, and it is not good for your health. You can go to the hospital to check if there is any organic problem. If not, you can take some medicine under the guidance of a doctor.You can go to see Chinese medicine, and the effect of Chinese medicine is better.


The most important point is to take a good rest. Before you take a vacation, be careful not to be too tired, don’t drink cold things.

It is also a good idea to take more rest during the holiday period and take a rest in the dysmenorrhea.


In the lower abdomen, it can be done by clockwise grinding. It can also be recovered. Now there is a kind of fever stick on the market, which is attached to the small belly, which is warm and can relieve dysmenorrhea.