5 kinds of flowers suitable for the elderly

5 kinds of flowers suitable for the elderly

According to experts from the Center for Gerontology, some flowers are not only ornamental, but also have pharmacological health effects, which are very suitable for the elderly.

  Ginseng is suitable for the elderly with chronic diseases.

Ginseng can watch three seasons a year.

In the spring, the germination of the ginseng sprouts downwards, especially like the morphological elephant trunk is pulled out from the soil; in summer, the umbel-shaped inflorescence is covered with white and green seductive flowers; in autumn, the red fruit is lined with green leaves.Especially pleasing to the eye.

The roots, leaves, flowers and seeds of ginseng can be used as medicine, which has a magical effect on the strong body and conditioning function.

  Five-color pepper is suitable for the elderly with rheumatism and spleen and stomach.

The five-colored peppers are colorful, and the roots, fruits and stems are all medicinal.

  Lilies are suitable for older people with tuberculosis.

Lily flower shape is elegant, bulbs and flowers in addition to food, medicine can be used for antitussive, flat shock, lungs.

Older people with high blood pressure and unfavorable urination can grow honeysuckle and small chrysanthemum.

The flowers are filled with incense pillows, washed with flowers, and have the effect of eliminating heat and detoxification, lowering blood pressure, clearing the brain and clearing the liver and improving eyesight.

  The impatiens are simple and elegant, and the seeds are fried and sputum can cure numbness and soreness. Take the whole plant orally and apply it to the venom.

Flowers outside the scorpion can cure goose palm madness, but also remove body odor.

  Cactus is in a variety of poses, medicinal cold bitterness, can relax the muscles and promote blood circulation, nourish the stomach, have certain pharmacological effects on arteriosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, etc., Milan, jasmine flowers attack people, can incense tea.

Milan leaves can cure bruises.

Jasmine leaf flower medicine can cure colds and enteritis.

These kinds of sexual psychology reflect the commonality of men

These kinds of sexual psychology reflect the commonality of men

Several men get together, and the topic must be inseparable from women.

Men are so relished, what is the mentality?

The study found that there are five possibilities: 1. The observations reflect that several young men are coming together, especially when several acquaintances are chatting together.

This can not be simply regarded as low-level inferiority, which is a common male psychological reaction.

  There are three main reasons for this: boring, borrowing such boring words, and chatting; increasing the atmosphere of chatting and harmony; when there are women nearby, some people are free to speak, wanting to hear when women hear this kind of words.reaction.

  2, the psychological characteristics of touching intimate men determine that men like to touch the sexual psychology of women, males have a profound “contact with heterosexuality”.

This is in line with one of the principles of zoology: “Sexual behavior, only males play their enthusiasm, it is possible.

“Men and women in love, men especially hope to touch women, this is because he hopes to show the intimacy of both sides, I hope the internal heart will be confirmed.

  3, the more hidden the more stimulating men are susceptible to the nude and striptease teasing.

This is because women are “tactile” and men are “visual”.

The strength of this sexual consciousness that men like to look at a woman’s nakedness is determined by the relationship between the inherent erotic nature of the individual and the difficulty of approaching the object.

That is to say, the more hidden the part of the woman, the more irritating it is to the male.

  4, the eyes naturally cast into the opposite sex life exists in this phenomenon, in the street, the transformation of men and women from the opposite direction, when passing by, they cast a glimpse of the other side.

At this time, the female’s glimpse is cast to the same sex, while the male is projected to the opposite sex.

A glimpse of a woman is a subconscious confrontation, competition, and comparison. A male glimpse is an unintentional “multi-view”.

  5, like to listen to a woman in the past in the stage of love, or straightforward, or pretend to ask the woman’s past if nothing happened.

Why is this so?

Because men’s monopoly is strong.

  Men have such a kind of mentality. When he falls in love with a woman and wants to marry her, he hopes to monopolize her from now to the present, and hopes that her past is also exclusive.

Correcting bad habits = health and wellness, health is not a luxury!

Correcting bad habits = health and wellness, health is not a luxury!

Speaking of health, many people think it is a patent for middle-aged and elderly people.
For most young people who are dying for their livelihood, it is a good thing to be able to eat hot meals on time.
That is a luxury!
“- Young workers Xiaowang, but what you don’t know is that in fact, health is really not extravagant, and you can get rid of the bad habits below. You are already healthy!
When I am old, I believe that many people think that health is a matter for the elderly. When they are young, they do not need to be healthy.
In fact, health care should be taken from the doll, just as the machine should be maintained from a new age.
Once the parts are damaged, the health is too late and the effect will be greatly reduced.
It is only after illness that many people are not sick and do not check the body. Only when they are sick, they see a doctor.
In fact, health should be based on prevention, usually should be regularly checked, regular maintenance.
When you are hungry, you can eat. Many people do not eat breakfast or eat on time. In fact, after 4 to 5 hours of food in the stomach, they are all empty. When they feel hungry, the gastric juice has begun to “digest” the gastric mucosa.
Regular diet and balanced nutrition are essential material foundations for health care.
It’s a habit of many people to drink when you are thirsty and don’t drink water when you are thirsty.
In fact, the role of water in human metabolism is more important than food.
Feeling thirsty indicates that the body is dehydrated to a certain extent.
Clinically, people who do not drink water often have a higher risk of constipation and urinary calculi than those who have drinking habits.
It’s urgent to get rid of the habit of many people who don’t have regular bowel movements. Even if they don’t understand, they would rather squat, which is extremely unfavorable to health.
The toilet stays in the body for too long, which may cause constipation or overfilling of the bladder. The toxic substances in the feces and urine are absorbed by the body, causing “self-poisoning”.
It takes about one-third of the life of a sleepy person to sleep in sleep. Sleep is an important physiological process in metabolic activities.
Only by developing good sleep habits and ensuring that you can sleep for at least 7 hours a day can you maintain the normal operation of the circadian clock.
But some people do not go to bed on time, but they are unrestrained, not sleepy, and even sleepy.
This is not conducive to protecting the brain, and it is more likely to cause insomnia. In the long run, it will damage life.
It is the habit of many people to take a break after being tired and tired.
In fact, tired is a feeling of fatigue, and it is too late to rest.
Should develop a habit of not tired and rest, do not over-distribute physical strength, brain power.
It is fatal to reduce overeating, overnutrition, and lack of exercise are the main causes of obesity. These are preventable.
Nowadays, many people do not add to the temperance and eat big, big fat people can be seen everywhere, a fat is easy to get sick.
Therefore, losing weight is not as good as anti-fat, so do not be fat and then reduce the regrets.
Walking down with a chest and bowing your chest is not only the most likely to cause fatigue, but also may affect your heart and lung function.
Correct posture: eyes: 3-6 meters in front of the head; the head should be lifted up to find a feeling of “pull up”; take the shrinking chin out to ensure parallel with the ground.
Neck: To be square, move forward naturally with the body; keep your shoulders on the same level.
Back: Slightly folded back; don’t have a chest, be sure to stand up.
Arm: Keep the upper arm naturally drooping and swing naturally on both sides of the body at a range of 30 to 45 degrees. This will make it easier for you to walk and look more temperamental and ceremonial.
The position of the visceral position is also displaced with the standing position, and the standing posture may affect the normal metabolism of the visceral system.
Correct standing posture: The spine should be kept in a vertical position, and the back and waist should be straight.
The shoulders, the double jaws (equivalent to the position of the belt), and the left and right sides of the lower limbs are kept on the same horizontal line.
The spine is not a straight line. It has four physiological curvatures, that is, the neck is convex forward, the chest is convex, the waist is convex forward, and the tibia is convex.
Sitting posture twisted a lot of cervical spondylosis, shoulder pain, low back pain, varicose veins, eye problems, etc. are caused by wrong sitting posture.Correct sitting position: The distance between the eyes and the computer should be about 60 cm.

First, use the cushion to help the body close to the back of the chair. Second, raise the computer “by books, wooden boxes, etc.” to ensure that the line of sight falls to a point below the center of the computer.

The three angles are not shared by the correct sitting posture.

The arm should form a right angle at the elbow joint, the thigh and the back should be greater than or equal to the right angle (the back is close to the seat back), and the legs form a right angle at the alignment.

Lying down in a reclining position, watching TV, huddled in the sofa, lying on his back on his stomach, hands on his chest, “frog-like” squatting, may cause poor breathing, burden on internal organs, muscles, and evenAffect the quality of sleep.

Correct lying position: lying on the right side.

This position is especially suitable for older friends.

Lying like a bow.

Both legs are naturally bent.

Peace of mind, eliminate distracting thoughts.

For healthy people, the sleeping position in the right side can avoid stress on the heart, relax the body muscle tissue, and eliminate fatigue.

However, people with severe heart disease should seek medical advice and can use sitting or semi-recumbent positions.

Hurry and see if you have these common bad habits!

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Healthy living habits are the foundation of health care?
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What do you eat with qi and blood?

Palace Royal Diet – Ginger Duck

What do you eat with qi and blood?
Palace Royal Diet – Ginger Duck

Palace Royal Diet – Ginger Duck’s effect in the medicated diet, Angelica, Chuanxiong has the effect of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, medlar has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, Codonopsis pilosula, Astragalus membranaceus has the effect of qi, old duck can nourish yin and reduce fire.

Therefore, the ginger mother duck is wonderful in the qi and blood supplement, with the duck’s nourishing yin and reducing fire effect, so this medicated diet nourishes but not greasy, warm and not dry, especially suitable for hot weather, sultry attackTonic use.

The effect of ginger in addition to warming up is also the primary concern of this diet.

Ginger duck specific practice: take 1 red-faced muscovy duck for about 1 month (can also be replaced by vegetable duck, etc.), 50 grams of ginger, rehmannia, angelica, Chuanxiong, Astragalus 5 grams, 20 grams of wolfberry, sesame oil(with black sesame oil as a good) 20 grams, 50 grams of rice wine, 20 grams of sugar, 6 ml of soy sauce, 10 grams of salt, 2 grams of MSG.

Wash the duck meat, cut into pieces, and cut the ginger into pieces.

Add sesame oil to the pan, add ginger to the medium heat until 60% hot, and slowly musk.

Pour the duck into the ginger when it is slightly yellowed.

Stir fry until the duck meat is discolored. Pour in the appropriate amount and stir fry until it is colored. Stir well and pour in the rice wine. Continue to stir the medium heat for about 15 minutes.

Stir the duck meat with water. When the color is deep, add sugar, star anise, cinnamon, and season with salt.

Add water without duck meat, start a big fire and boil until it is low.

5 hours.

10 minutes before the pot, add 中 and other Chinese medicines, stir the heat and mix until the broth is strong. Finally, add the MSG to the pot.

Ginger duck is delicious, delicious, nutritious, and it is not too greasy. It is suitable for people with qi and blood deficiency. Symptoms often have shortness of breath, fatigue, pale complexion, dizziness, etc.After the activity, it is easy to fatigue and sweat, and I am afraid of cold.

Among them, ginger can warm the stomach and dispel cold, warm and benefit Qi; Astragalus, Codonopsis also has the effect of qi and nourishing; rehmannia, Angelica can nourish blood and nourish the liver and kidney; the main material of the duck is not dry, has nourishing YinThe role of fire.

Therefore, this medicated diet can be described as a good nourishing.

Although the ginger duck is good, but also to grasp a “degree” when eating, triggering Jia Yi said in “On the accumulation of the accumulation”: “Sometimes of life, but useless, then material strength will be bent.

“Do not overdo it during the eating process to prevent problems such as overnutrition, elevated blood pressure, and elevated blood pressure.”

This point, especially for people with high blood pressure and dyslipidemia, needs attention.

Jin Yong is 79 years old and is a heart-to-heart bridge. He still lives for 94 years. These 3 health tips are remembered by everyone.

Jin Yong is 79 years old and is a heart-to-heart bridge. He still lives for 94 years. These 3 health tips are remembered by everyone.

According to Hong Kong media reports, a generation of martial arts novel masters, Hong Kong “Ming Pao” founder Jin Yong (formerly known as Charlene) died of illness, at the age of 94.

Mr. Jin Yong is the most recognized master of martial arts novels in modern China. Although he does not have martial arts, his pen is his sword and sword!

Mr. Jin Yong left, leaving us with 14 classic martial arts books, such as “Flying Snow, Shooting White Deer, Laughing Book and Relying on Bixi”.

In many 70s, after 80s, Jin Yong is always the martial arts dream of youth.

In the past 20 years, Mr. Jin Yong has been repeatedly rumored to be rumored. When the 79-year-old Jin Yong participated in the event at the Shanghai Peking Opera Theatre in 2002, the public appearance was called: “The heroes” who once transmitted the news of birth.Jin Yong made his first public appearance.

On the same day, Jin Yong discovered to reporters that he had undergone a heart bypass surgery a while ago, and humorously said that “there is no opening of the heart, but the blood vessels of the heart have been cleared.”

Mr. Jin Yong, who was a 79-year-old heart bypass surgery, still lives long enough to leave us at the age of 94. He witnessed and participated in the stories and turmoil of modern China, which is a miracle.

And we should also pay attention to the health of those long-lived old people.

1, the longevity of the elderly health care: scientific eating habits Many surgical patients in order to add nutrients to the body as soon as possible, a large number of chicken soup, eat health products, but to increase the body’s digestion burden.

It is also difficult to treat the health care products without any purpose, and it is more of a “placebo” effect.

When Mr. Jin Yong was young, he was also a man who had no meat and no joy. He and Cai Wei, Ni Kuang and Huang Zhan called “the four great talents of Hong Kong”, drinking and eating meat on many public occasions.

In the later years, people who like to eat meat should also pay attention to scientific diet.

For the elderly, in addition to eating tonics, attention should be paid to animal and plant proteins. Dairy products and various vegetables and fruits should be used as necessary supplements. The general principle is comprehensive and balanced.

2, the longevity of the elderly health care: drinking more tea and tea is our traditional Chinese culture, tea is a drink for ordinary people, for people like Jin Yong, this may be a kind of road, a kindPractice, drinking tea is also tempering its own heart.

Tea contains beneficial substances in tea, some tea polyphenols, teas and so on.

Studies have shown that long-standing tea can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and reduce the risk of cancer.

3, the longevity of the elderly health care: every day more than 30 minutes of exercise, whether it is elderly or young people, to ensure that more than 30 minutes of exercise every day is necessary, nothing better than the benefits of exercise for the body.

Regular exercise makes heart and lung function stronger, and it can relieve anxiety and improve sleep quality.

Keeping exercise is good for reducing chronic diseases such as obesity, gout, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Mr. Jin Yong also exposed himself to the top of the mountain for a few minutes after the operation, until the body began to sweat slightly to stop rest.

Dear friends, Mr. Jin Yong is gone, he left us with too many memories.

Do you have anything to say to Mr. Jin Yong?

Please leave a message in the comment area below, and we will send you a trip to Mr. Jin Yong.