Health care at the turn of spring and summer requires six defenses

Health care at the turn of spring and summer requires “six defenses”

At the turn of spring and summer, the “six defenses” should be talked about in the health, the weather changes in spring and summer, the temperature difference between day and night is large, the rainfall is high everywhere, and the air humidity is relatively large.
Old Chinese medicine reminds that in the adjustment of health care, it is not possible to break away from the trajectory of changes in the natural environment, and to comply with the law of changes in solar terms and to achieve “six defenses.”
The first defense: anti-cold cold Spring and summer, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, it is recommended to pay early attention to increase or decrease clothes in time to avoid colds.
At this time, the humidity is high, and the rheumatism and ailments are easy to recur, so do not stay in a damp place for a long time, pay attention to the warmth of the joint parts, wear the clothes to protect the joints, and wear seven-quarter sleeves or cropped trousers.
The second prevention: hypoallergenic spring blossoms, peach apricots, yellow willows, people’s outdoor activities increased, at this time most susceptible to allergic hay fever, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma and other allergic diseases.
Experts pointed out that the fundamental method of hypoallergenic is to adjust the physical fitness, recommending the sun.
Because there are all kinds of important acupoints on the back, it is better to use the back of the sun in the sun, which can play the role of strengthening the yang and warming the meridians.
The third prevention: epidemic prevention In the late spring and early summer, the climate is warm and humid, and mosquitoes, flies and bacteria rapidly multiply and grow, and it is easy to spread diseases.
In order to prevent mosquitoes at home, it is necessary to thoroughly clean up the dead corners and sundries. If necessary, use mosquito coils, drugs, light sources, etc. to repel mosquitoes.
Keep indoors ventilated and ventilated every day. The clothes should be exposed to the sun as much as possible. Regularly wash daily necessities and toys.
In order to prevent epidemics, indoors can often be smoked, and traditional Chinese medicine such as Atractylodes, Ai, Hawthorn, White peony, Acorus, Chuanxiong, Xiangfu, Nutmeg, Musk and other homemade sachets can be hung on the bed or worn.Aromatized wet, hurricane drive.
第4防:防伤脾 现在空气湿度相对较大,而脾为湿土之脏,湿邪最易犯脾,易致脾失健运、脾胃不和,出现食欲不佳、呕吐、腹胀、大便No symptoms such as unformed or sticky.
Old Chinese medicine reminds that while following the “less acid and more sweet”, it is advisable to eat more spleen and dampness products, such as yam, red bean, coix seed, lentils and so on.
Don’t wait to drink cold drinks to avoid damage to the spleen and stomach.
Recommended spleen and strong body tea: fried glutinous rice, barley tea with boiling water, soaked up, can spleen and dampness.
第5防:防肝亢 自然界阳气骤升,易引起肝阳上亢,继而诱发春末常见的鼻腔、牙龈、呼吸道、皮肤等出血、牙痛、头痛眩晕、目赤眼疾等疾患,这就是所谓The “spring fire”, commonly known as the “fire”.
Prevent “spring fire”, in addition to avoid staying up late, pay attention to adjust the mood, the diet should be regularly quantified.
Recommend a mulberry tea as a tea drink: 30 grams of fresh mulberry fruit, put in a casserole, add water to decoction, go to the slag to take juice, on behalf of tea, can nourish Yinshengjin, nourishing blood and soft liver.
In addition, press the Tai Chong (on the dorsal side of the foot, the posterior depression of the first metatarsal space), press 1 to 3 minutes a day, 揉100–300, can also help prevent liver sputum.
The sixth defense: anti-sweating excessive sweating will affect the health of the summer blood.
Therefore, keep in mind that “lazy shape, do not sweat, to raise dirty air”, you can choose to go green, jogging, flying kites, Ba Duan Jin and so on.
Khan is the solution of the body fluid. Only the attention to the orderly rise of yang in the spring and the solidification of the body fluid can maintain the blood and blood in the summer.
In order to maintain the yang rise and at the same time solidify the body fluid, you can moxibustion Zusanli (the outer knee is down to 4 horizontal fingers, and the tibia is open at 1 horizontal finger), each point is 15 minutes.

Melon seeds increase fertilizer and promote digestion and absorption

Melon seeds increase fertilizer and promote digestion and absorption

The seeds are rich in nutrients and attractive in aroma. They are natural fattening foods.

Watermelon can strengthen the stomach, strengthen the lungs, and moisten the intestines; sunflower seeds are rich in fatty acids and vitamin E; pumpkin seeds have an insect-repellent effect, and appropriate seeds can stimulate the taste nerves on the tongue, promote saliva, secretion of gastric juice, and facilitate digestion.It is good for health and can also promote the movement of facial muscles.

According to reports, sunflower seeds have medical value and can cure diseases such as diarrhea and impetigo.

  The nutrition of the seeds is very high, and the vitamin, protein and oil content are outstanding.

(Eating a handful of melon seeds every day is good for calming mood, preventing, preventing and preventing adult diseases; treating insomnia, enhancing memory; preventing cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and other diseases).

  “嗑” is more likely to benefit a lot. After all, it can enhance the digestive function. This is because the fragrance of the seeds stimulates the “taste bud” on the tongue, making it excited, passing to the digestive organs, saliva of various digestive enzymes, gastric juice, etc.The secretion is correspondingly strong, and it is certainly conducive to digestion and stagnation.

嗑 饭 before meals, promote appetite; 饭 after meals, digest food.

Especially after eating greasy food, picking up a melon seeds is more beneficial.

  After the meal, the melon seeds are good, because both sunflower seeds and watermelon seeds can be eaten, protein, zinc and other trace elements and multivitamins can enhance digestion.

The seeds can make the entire digestive system active.

The scent of the seeds stimulates the taste buds on the tongue. The taste buds convert this nerve impulse into the brain, and the brain reacts to the digestive organs such as salivary adenosine, so that the secretion of saliva and gastric juice rich in various digestive enzymes is relatively strong.

  Therefore, pregnant women lick the seeds before or after meals, and the digestive juice is continuously secreted, which is very beneficial for digestion and absorption.

Therefore, before the meal, the melon seeds can promote the appetite, and the melon seeds can help digestion after the meal.

If several kinds of seeds are mixed, the effect is better.

Only the sunflower seeds contain high levels of fat, and friends who eat too much.

  There are many benefits to eating melon seeds. For example, linoleic acid in melon seeds can keep blood pressure stable, lower cholesterol in the body and so on.

But eating too much melon seeds can easily aggravate the liver burden and form an abnormal liver, and then there are melon teeth.

Scientific theory has proven that sunflower seeds contain certain oils that are good for the skin/eyes/brains.

  The downside of eating melon seeds: the melon seeds contain too much salt, which is easy to cause high blood pressure, and high blood pressure is the source of all diseases.

Long-term melon seeds and melon seeds will take away a lot of people’s saliva, and a large number of people lacking saliva will have threats and harms.

  Most people with diabetes know that diet therapy is an important means to control the rise of blood sugar. Knowing that a small amount of meals is needed to reduce the burden of micro-islands and control the development of the disease, eating snacks has become one of the means to ensure rich nutrition.

In daily life, many patients love to eat melon seeds, and even the whole day, the melon seeds do not leave their mouths. They think that this can alleviate the sense of obesity. As everyone knows, eating more melon seeds is not good for diabetes.

  Because the melon seeds contain a certain amount of sugar, diabetics should try to eat as little as possible. If you eat 500 grams of melon seeds every day, it will definitely affect blood sugar, which is not conducive to diabetics to control blood sugar.

In addition, in addition to rich protein, melon seeds have oils and fats, and a large amount of ingestion increases the amount of blood and increases blood lipids.

A part of blood lipids can be converted into glucose by gluconeogenesis, which raises blood sugar.

In addition, when the seeds are licked, saliva is lost by being spit out on the melon seed shell.

Excessive saliva loss can lead to oral ulcers, gingivitis, dental caries, indigestion and other diseases, but also delays the taste and loss of appetite.

Saliva helps to clear the food residue in the mouth, reduce the chance of bacterial growth and fermentation, and protect the oral mucosa. Once a diabetic patient has a mouth ulcer, it is difficult to heal. Therefore, when eating sunflower seeds, it is best to peel the shell by hand.Remember not to eat too much at one time.

  People with diabetes should count the amount of seeds and try to reduce the intake of oil.

When you want to eat it, don’t exceed 150 grams a day.

And to be converted into energy from the total daily diet change, if you eat a 100 grams of cooked steamed bread, you can eat not more than 70 grams of shelled sunflower seeds, but also regularly go to the hospital to check blood sugar.

Just after the summer, you still need to guard against the yin and sorrow

Just after the summer, you still need to guard against the yin and sorrow

Heatstroke is a common disease in summer, especially in the elderly and infirm.

Chinese medicine believes that there is a yin and a yang in the summer, and the “moving and getting it is a heat”. Most of the heat strokes we usually refer to.

Most of the patients work under the scorching sun, or walk long distances, or because of continuous work in high temperature, poor ventilation, and high humidity environment. This kind of heat stroke is often serious and critical, people are preventing the replacement of the heat, butInflammatory heat syndrome is often poorly understood.

  The chilly attacker is quick to know.

Do not know that there are many people who commit crimes, so those who are sick in the summer, the summer is in their eighty-nine.

“The onset of stagnation heat is caused by excessive heat and cold in the summer, that is, the so-called “quiet and stagnation”, such as sleeping at night, or sitting in a sloping place, or taking a long time, orImmediately after exercise, use cold water to top the body, or immediately drink a lot of cold water or iced drinks, or be blown by strong winds when sleeping, causing wind, cold, and wet evil to invade the body and cause “yin heat”, trying to make the Ming DynastyMedical scientist Zhang Jingyue pointed out: “The people who are suffering from the heat, because of the heat, are also cold.

In other words, the cause of the illness is not simply summer heat, but also cold and wet.

The course of the summer heat is relatively long, the wet evil is sticky, the treatment is not right, and the patient is extremely distressed.

Modern medicine believes that the cause of the heat is that in the hot climate, the body’s metabolism is strong, the physical exertion is high, and the resistance is weakened. When the climate suddenly turns cold or suddenly stimulates the cold, the pathogenic microorganisms will take advantage of it.Causes upper respiratory tract infection or vomiting and diarrhea, and even causes eyelid dislocation, causing complications such as stroke and hemiplegia.

  Prevention of yin and heat should pay attention to not being too greedy, sleeping or using the fan all night long, air conditioning, tempering cold food and sweating after a cold shower.

Especially for the elderly, children, pregnant women, infirm and combined with host disease, it is easy to cause this disease, especially to strengthen protection.

Once suffering from yin and yin, the treatment should be used to solve the wet method. You can choose the Chinese patent medicine Liuyi San, Huoxiang Zhengqi Pill (water) orally.

Or use traditional Chinese medicine toon, bellflower, almond, tangerine peel, musk, light soybean meal, water decoction, 2 times a day; or replace the toon, magnolia, lentils, sage, perrin, tangerine peel, simmer, water decoction2 times a day.

The head is as heavy as a wrapper, and it can be added to live, vines; cold evils make the stomach, causing the stomach to fall without falling, abdominal fullness, and those who are not fragrant, can add grass jelly, French Pinelli, Divine Comedy.

Deficiency of the spleen and stomach, eat these 10 kinds of food

Deficiency of the spleen and stomach, eat these 10 kinds of food

Most of the spleen and stomach deficiency medicine can not be cured, and can only be temporarily relieved.

If you want to raise your spleen and stomach, you have to rely on diet.

Then let’s take a look at what the spleen and stomach are eating.

  1, lotus root lotus root also has the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach, just because the lotus root is cold, it is not suitable for raw food, especially the spleen deficiency stomach cold patients must be cooked or steamed to eat, in order to achieve the effect of nourishing the stomach and spleen.

Raw food is counterproductive.

  2, brown sugar Many people know that brown sugar nourishing yin and blood, in fact, it also has an important role, that is, spleen and warm stomach.

Brown sugar is warm and easy to enter the spleen and stomach. If stomach pain or abdominal pain, drinking a cup of brown sugar water has a good relief effect.

For patients with spleen and stomach deficiency, brown sugar and longan, ginger juice boiled soup, the best effect, usually drink more.

  3, squid said that squid can warm the qi, raise the stomach and warm the stomach, is a good health.

It is true that it is very effective in treating spleen deficiency and weakness, and is therefore suitable for patients with spleen and stomach deficiency.

Fish diet routines and practices are no different, it should be noted that must use dried ginger, better relief of spleen and stomach cold.

  4, yam yam has a good stomach-raising effect, it is also a matter of sexual warmth, and the relief effect on cold syndrome is also very good.

It is rich in amylase and polyphenol oxidase, which helps digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach, and has a good effect on the spleen and stomach.

It is often used as a soup to drink, and it can also be used together with jujube to make soup better.

  5, glutinous rice glutinous rice is also a stomach to raise things, and it is warm, just suitable for patients with spleen and stomach deficiency.

In this way, its nutrition is very rich, but also very full, so it is not appropriate to eat too much at one time, eat the usual food intake.

Otherwise, eating more will cause a burden on the stomach.

The warm and spleen and stomach of glutinous rice is excellent, especially for patients with symptoms such as spontaneous sweating, loose stools and diarrhea.

  6, mutton since ancient times, in the Chinese medicine, the mutton is used as a traditional Chinese medicine, it is sweet, warm, has the effect of replenishing blood, treating lung deficiency, warming the stomach, has a good treatment for patients with spleen and stomach deficiencyefficacy.
Especially suitable for patients with thin and cold body.

  7, the jujube jujube’s nature is mild and full of beneficial blood and blood, for the spleen and stomach debilitation also have a good stomach and spleen effect.

Especially for people with less food or lack of blood caused by spleen and stomach deficiency, its therapeutic effect is more obvious.

  8, litchi lychee temperature, contains a lot of vitamins and protein, can promote the blood circulation of microvascular, and a long serial port operation stomach and spleen, and eat lychee can also enhance the body’s immunity, spleen and stomachCold patients are very effective.

  9, pig belly Many people do not know the pig’s belly also has the effect of warming the stomach and spleen, which is still benefited from its sexual temperature, sweet characteristics, very good neutralization of the spleen and stomach.

Especially for the elderly or women and children with weak spleen and stomach.

Generally use pork belly stew to drink, the effect is very good.

  10, ginger ginger is cold, it is possible to use ginger to remove the cold of the spleen and stomach, and it is a good relief and protection for spleen and stomach diseases.

Especially for patients with frequent cold pain in the abdomen, the effect is obvious.

Counting cucumber weight loss classic recipe

Counting cucumber weight loss classic recipe

Lead: Cucumber not only lose weight but also beauty, it is a good way to lose weight in beauty.

Cucumber is rich in vitamins, which provide sufficient nutrients for skin and muscles. It can effectively resist skin aging, reduce wrinkles and prevent cheilitis and angular cheilitis.

Cucumber is called “the beauty agent in the kitchen.”

Cucumber is a very effective natural beauty product.

The cucumber enzyme contained in fresh cucumber is a very biologically active biological enzyme, which can effectively promote the body’s metabolism, expand skin capillaries, promote blood circulation, enhance skin’s redox effect, and have amazing moistness.Skin beauty effect.

Apply the skin with fresh cucumber juice daily to receive a moisturizing effect on the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Lemon juice cucumber raw materials: 1 fresh cucumber, 1 lemon, soy sauce, oyster sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt, sesame oil, oyster sauce method: 1, the anti-cucumber cut into such a short paragraph.

2, cut a lemon, take half of it to squeeze out the lemon juice, soy sauce, oyster sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt, sesame oil, oyster sauce stir evenly, drenched on the cucumber and you’re done.

Tip: citric acid vitamin C, sour lemon with sweet cucumber, is a lot of MM’s favorite drinks.

Fan garlic steamed cucumber raw materials: cucumber, fans, red pepper, ginger, garlic, shallot, salt, soy sauce, Shao wine, sesame oil method: 1, cucumber peeled and cut oblique section with salt stains, fans bubble spare; 2, the garlic is slightly fried with warm oil, add salt, chicken essence, Shao wine red pepper and mix well 3, put the cucumber section into the dish, put a fan, then put the garlic juice, 4, after the water is openedPut it in a steamer for 2 minutes, sprinkle it into the wok, and pour the soy sauce and some hot oil.

TIPS: This is a savory, refreshing and palatable diet dish that is delicious and low in fat. Come and try it!

Workplace pressure constantly needs to stop calling

Workplace pressure constantly needs to stop calling

I am almost crazy, I can’t wait to take everything over.

I know that this is not good, and I am tired of this state, but I don’t know how to stop myself.

  ”Hurry and stop for yourself, give yourself a chance to breathe and adjust. Otherwise, whether it is psychological or physical, health problems may occur.

“Sun Chunyun, a clinical psychologist at Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, said that people in the workplace always face “endless work pressure”, but many times people take the initiative to accept it. Sometimes it is more important to refuse work pressure.

  Appropriately rejecting many people in the workplace, although they indicated that they are not willing to accept the “endless” work, but when the boss assigned himself to the task, he never tried or even thought about taking the initiative to refuse.

Most people in the workplace are even unhappy and will accept the arrangement of their superiors.

  Sun Chunyun analyzed that this is actually “actively passive acceptance”, which is an important reason for the constant work and pressure.

Therefore, it is especially valuable to try to communicate with your boss about the work you are doing.

It is important to know that human risk and tolerance are limited. If the mental state is tight for a long time, it is in a state of stress. Even if there is time to relax, it is difficult to relax.

  Prioritize your work If you have a lot to do, it is very likely that you will write it down in the form of a list.

In order to prevent omissions, it is more important to help you prioritize your work and separate the order in which work is done and completed.

  Many times, looking at the list of work, you will find that some things can be done in the future, there is no need to squeeze in the work list to join in the fun.

The work list can also help you to know what you are doing.

After the work is completed, use the pen to cross it out of the list, and it also gives people a sense of accomplishment.

  Losing perfectionism perfectionism is also an important reason for people’s pressure.

At work, some people pursue perfection, and they want to do their best and do their best.

So there are constant repetitions, modifications, etc.

  Sun Chunyun said that this situation is easy to appear in the middle leadership.

Pursuit of perfection is a kind of performance, but if you are overly nitpicking, even if everything is completely smashed, it is completely unnecessary.

If you always repeat your work, positivity will naturally be hit.

  Don’t always put pressure on the workplace, some people always put “tired”, “stressful” and so on.

Sun Chunyun pointed out that proper catharsis is very helpful for relieving emotions, but it is also necessary to prevent the opposite situation.

  If you keep shouting “tired” and “stressful”, it may bring bad psychological hints and form a kind of thinking inertia.

Sometimes it is not even stressful, it will create the illusion of stress.

Be wary that these slimming foods don’t lose weight.

Be wary that these “slimming foods” don’t lose weight.

There are many seemingly healthy foods, or some that are considered healthy within our common sense, and actually contain a lot of calories and fat.
  Healthy eating is a compulsory course for weight loss, and the selection of healthy food is much more learned!
There are many seemingly healthy foods, or some that are considered healthy within our common sense, and actually contain a lot of calories and fat.
As long as you don’t pay attention, you will be able to take advantage of them and enter your diet recipe!
Here are a reminder to the sisters who are losing weight, to make a good off of their weight loss menu!
  Soups In fact, many kinds of soups are nutritious, healthy and delicious, and at the same time they can make people full, which is one of the recommended foods for weight loss.
However, it is worth noting that Western-style soups often use butter or milk as raw materials, and a small bowl contains a lot of calories.
Therefore, you may want to pay attention to the beauty of eating Western food!
  Sugar-free cookies Don’t think that “no sugar” means “safety.” In fact, this will only entice you to eat more!
Many foods that are advertised as “sugar-free” will allow you to relax your alert from the beginning. If you eat it unrestrainedly, you won’t be fat.
  Pork The value of pork’s weight loss lies in its source and cooking methods.
A loin of tender meat with low-calorie sauce is used to cook. Pork can be a delicious low-fat, low-calorie food.
Of course, most of the pork-related dishes will still be fat and stained, depending on how you choose.
  Coffee For everyone who wakes up with a large cup of coffee every morning, the following is sure to be good news: coffee itself is zero-calorie.
But not everyone is just drinking bitter coffee without sugar or milk?
The calorie content of coffee depends on the amount of condiments it adds and the amount of coffee. In order to lose weight, you have to look at it.
  Salad Condiments Some studies have found that women who eat a lot of salads every day, 60% of their total daily fat intake comes from salad dressings.
Just throw some cheese, toast or bacon on your salad and you will immediately destroy your healthy lunch!
  Dried Fruits and Cereals Dried fruits do not contain water, which means they have a very high caloric density.
Foods such as raisins, dried apples and almonds all look healthy, but in fact their high heat is not negligible.
It is okay to eat, but if you think you can sit down and enjoy these “low card” foods, you are wrong.
The same is true for cereals, so the weight is still very important, don’t indulge yourself at any time.
  Juice and soda You might think that it’s just a bottle of drink, no big deal.
But you have to think about it, a glass of juice in the morning, a bottle of soda in the afternoon, plus a small snack while eating a drink, the extra 400 calories are so easy to “invade” your body.
The concept of equating a drink with “water” is unacceptable. The heat is accumulated every little bit, and you can’t ignore the long-term consequences.
  Low-fat/low-calorie foods The so-called “low-fat” and “low-calorie” are just blindness, and how low is not “zero calories”.
For example, a low-fat cake is actually only a little bit lower than the fat content of ordinary cakes, but it can easily fool you, so that you can eat the whole piece with confidence.
Remember, the cake is a cake after all. The next time you see the label of “Low Fat” and “Low Card”, you need to wake up to 12 points. Other foods are the same!
  Nuts In fact, nuts are usually healthy and they are rich in protein and vitamins.
However, their health is premised – only when you eat a small portion.
For example, peanuts, few people will stop and eat it?
Many people end up eating it, and must eat a bag or see the bottom of the can before they are willing to give up.
The fat and calorie content of the nuts is very high. If you look at this article and just hold a can of nuts, be careful!

5 kinds of flowers suitable for the elderly

5 kinds of flowers suitable for the elderly

According to experts from the Center for Gerontology, some flowers are not only ornamental, but also have pharmacological health effects, which are very suitable for the elderly.

  Ginseng is suitable for the elderly with chronic diseases.

Ginseng can watch three seasons a year.

In the spring, the germination of the ginseng sprouts downwards, especially like the morphological elephant trunk is pulled out from the soil; in summer, the umbel-shaped inflorescence is covered with white and green seductive flowers; in autumn, the red fruit is lined with green leaves.Especially pleasing to the eye.

The roots, leaves, flowers and seeds of ginseng can be used as medicine, which has a magical effect on the strong body and conditioning function.

  Five-color pepper is suitable for the elderly with rheumatism and spleen and stomach.

The five-colored peppers are colorful, and the roots, fruits and stems are all medicinal.

  Lilies are suitable for older people with tuberculosis.

Lily flower shape is elegant, bulbs and flowers in addition to food, medicine can be used for antitussive, flat shock, lungs.

Older people with high blood pressure and unfavorable urination can grow honeysuckle and small chrysanthemum.

The flowers are filled with incense pillows, washed with flowers, and have the effect of eliminating heat and detoxification, lowering blood pressure, clearing the brain and clearing the liver and improving eyesight.

  The impatiens are simple and elegant, and the seeds are fried and sputum can cure numbness and soreness. Take the whole plant orally and apply it to the venom.

Flowers outside the scorpion can cure goose palm madness, but also remove body odor.

  Cactus is in a variety of poses, medicinal cold bitterness, can relax the muscles and promote blood circulation, nourish the stomach, have certain pharmacological effects on arteriosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, etc., Milan, jasmine flowers attack people, can incense tea.

Milan leaves can cure bruises.

Jasmine leaf flower medicine can cure colds and enteritis.

Note: The old man buys slippers and pays attention to it.

Note: The old man buys slippers and pays attention to it.

First of all, slippers must not be bought too big, too loose.

  The old man’s instep is generally tall, like to buy a big one.

But in general, the length and height of the slippers should be just enough to fill the feet, so that you can fully relax your feet and keep your feet down to prevent the old man from falling.

  Therefore, the old man should wear a small belt as little as possible, and choose a whole piece of slippers for the upper.

  Thin strap slippers and flip-flops can’t give enough support to the foot. When the heel is off the ground, the toe will bend and try to “hook” the upper. This is an unnatural force.

Excessive time can cause muscle soreness in front of the calf.

In order to avoid the shackles of the shoes, the elderly still have to unconsciously shorten the stride, which is easy to cause a fall.

  Then, the bottom is not too flat and too thin.

  After getting old, the muscles of many parts of the old man will shrink, and the soles of the feet will be no exception, and they will become dry.

If the sole is too thin, it will cause a pain in the foot, and the sole will be too flat. When walking, the sole of the foot must be pressed firmly against the sole.

This causes an increase in foot pressure, which causes the foot to feel tired due to nervous tension.

Such as long-term compression and friction, it is also easy to cause skin damage, especially in people with diabetes and diabetes, it is difficult to cure after skin damage.

Therefore, it is best to choose a pair of slippers with a 2-3 cm, or simply wear a pair of shoes to reduce the pressure on the arch, so that it has a protective effect.

  Fourth, the elderly go into the bathroom and the kitchen due to the high temperature. Therefore, the bottom of the beef tendon should be selected, and the sole pattern is relatively deep to prevent slipping.

  Fifth, the elderly should choose slippers that are better in warmth.

  The feet of the person are far away from the heart, and the blood supply is relatively excessive. When the cold is weak, the sensory force of the end of the foot is reduced, the adaptability and the tolerance are deteriorated, resulting in stiffness and numbness. At this time, suddenly the ground or force is used, which easily causes tissue contusion.

Old people often wear slippers at home. If you ignore the warmth of your feet, cold evil can easily invade the human body through the feet, or the old disease recurs, or damages the yang, and induces new diseases.

Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly choose soft, fluffy, slightly thicker slippers to isolate the cold.

  It is important to note that elderly people with obesity or high blood pressure are advised to wear a pair of shoes that are fitted at home.

Slimming cream is completely slimming

Slimming cream is completely slimming

Clarins completely slimming essence cream body double effect, let the sponge tissue run all the way!


Reduce the aunt’s hoarding.


Stimulate lipolysis.


Strengthen the body’s self-depleting effect.


Firms and smoothes skin, strengthening skin’s surface texture

  The active ingredient is revealed: the ultimate active ingredient of Amazonian vanilla helps to slow down the synthesis of metalloproteinases through mature fecal cells.

Hortonia extract from Sri Lanka helps to inhibit the conversion of trace amounts of pre-granules to trace cells.

The cat’s palm tree from Peru inhibits the action of lipoprotein microenzymes capable of splitting molecular weight molecules.

  Concentration: 420 / 200ml Listed in May 2005?
H2O + Cellulite Firming Essence is specially designed for hypertrophic tendon tissue, edema-type obesity, muscle relaxation, stubborn orange peel, etc., using mango essence to decompose obese adults, and on the 14th, it quickly eliminates fat and drives away the orange peel muscle.The skin is smooth and firm.

  The active ingredients are revealed: the newly added mango extract effectively stimulates microvascular circulation, increases metabolism and accelerates unfortunate burning.

Together with the patented SepiliftTM botanical extract, its rich amino acids stimulate collagen production, avoid muscle relaxation and reconstitute skin tissue, and also have powerful antioxidant function. After 28 days of continuous use, the skin moisture is increased by 18 times.

In particular, with apricot core oil, its rich fatty acids help to supply a lot of water and vitamin E to the skin, preventing free radical damage.

The essence of the yerba mate tea can stimulate and effectively break down obese adults, making the body lines more delicate and moving.

  Upper limit: not priced in April 2005, L’Oreal Slimming Firming – Ginkgo and Caffeine Active Complex promotes skin microcirculation.

  - Denomination – ElastylTM Vitality Tightening reduces excess buildup.

  - Fresh water can quickly penetrate the skin.

  Minimum: 180 yuan / 200ml has been listed VICHY Vichy slimming slimming essence magical glucose decomposition factor and rutin component can effectively prevent the conversion of glucose into trace; caffeine, ginkgo and horse chestnut extract can accelerate the metabolism of adults; VICHY experimentThe innovative triple emulsification technology can gradually release the active ingredients throughout the day, allowing these healthy active molecules to reach deep into the skin and continue to function.

Effectively break down the accumulation of feces, improve the orange peel skin, and make the skin smooth and firm.

  Minimum: 298 yuan / 200ml has been listed Nivea body lotion with rich coenzyme Q10, prevent and slow down the “orange peel” phenomenon.

Effectively reduce obesity lines, motion lines and stretch marks.

Contains moisturizing repair factor liposomes and other moisturizing ingredients.

Gives you smooth, firm skin

  Weight: 298 yuan / 200ml has been listed