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Section 101 of that slag slag male
  Three minutes later, the city saw Lu Gu sleep came out from the bathroom, a guilty look.
  What land the city did not ask, but his left hand holding the popcorn bucket, right hand naturally pull her hand out of the cinema.
  Jus苏州夜网t sleep Gu thought this thing so later when.
  Lu city driving and careless when they put up:
  ”Hi杭州桑拿de what?”
  Gu sleepless play the fool, he turned to look at him: “ah?”
  Lu city glanced at her, she did not burst, but repeated: “In the cinema, when, and what to hide?”
  Gu sleep blinked, looked at the light and shadow clearly and subtly slip in the face of the land the city, see the look on his face, she had already done the deal with measures to avoid deliberately vague own intentions, asked him: ” Mr. City afraid of being seen?”
  Lu City brow slightly pick: “Who saw fear?”Another faint smile and he said:” Why should we be afraid?I did not do anything shady things.”
  Gu sleepless mind wondering, land the city does not seem taboo she appeared in front of Lu Jersey, that is equal to the default of two of their relationship, that she should not test the.
  Gu sleep thinking of something else, a moment of silenc