saw Neo annoyed look, hold back laughter, nodded, blissful silence glimpse Lei Jun, Lei Jun Song and Ming just looked helplessly: “The more people on board, you 都市兔兔look inside to find a relaxed place to be alone.”

  Neo got her, mouth blanket to the back of the head all of a sudden, sister-in-law told him then about equal to his brother to care for him, and he excitedly toward the rear of the car Wangle Yan, pointing to one: “The sister-in-law, there Some empty, let it go a.”
  Lei Jun eyes did not give him half, only guarding Qi Yue let others crammed her, the atmosphere and sometimes some embarrassment, then crowd around the conductor Chong Song and Ming: “The first vote on the new car to buy, then you want to go which alone will do.”
  Although it is being run, but the heart of the Neo-conductor was very grateful, and immediately took out money to buy votes.
  Qi Yue smiled back apologetically rush Neo, Neo had lost look again covered smile.
  Finally, he has not pushed the loose at t深圳桑拿网he rear, but standing on the right side of Lei Jun, intentionally or unintentionally separated for Qi Yue other passengers, Lei Jun has finally Ce Toukan at him.
  In this one, although do not see too indifferent look, but Neo is somewhat flattered, mouth what to say, Lei Jun has been looking back, and shut his mouth, but an inch long hair stud full of energy, he suddenly comprehend, to please his sister-in-law is the only route close to his brother.
  It will be easy to implement!
  Qi Yue did not know what Neo thought, but see he suddenly rushed her laugh so stupid, like two Kazakhstan general, and sent back to put on a tail of.
  Qiyue Gang to remind him not to be so warm, beware of your jealous brother, Baba Neo has asked: “sister in law, do you like listening to the radio?I have a radio gently used, such as in the afterno杭州龙凤网on back yard, I bring you in the past.”
  Before she could respond, he said: “My family and some military vehicles models, sister-in-law home with brothers and sisters, for they should like, in the afternoon I also send you the model.”
  Lei Jun’s face was dark, Neo is sti