is no conflict ah!”

  Yuan Yue:.
  It sounds reasonable.
  ”So how long are you going to get angry?”Yuan Yue asked curiously, although she felt Shen Xiao is very infatuated, but Shen Yu has always been a people who have an idea, to do so, she is willing to have the truth.
  Shen Yu simply squatting in the roof down, his hands Tuosai through the door, watching the yard Shen Xiao figure, he said: “I do not know, but this time, I at least let him know that I was a very deceiving serious matter, so that later, when he was thinking about my calculations, it should weigh worthwhile to do, because offend me, the consequences will be very troublesome!”
  Yuan Yue als广州桑拿网o followed bend over and whispered: “I think he is not very nervous, the way you approach this angry, he maintained it can cure??”
  Shen Yu said: “He certainly knew he was wrong, chase should want to fool me, but so many people out, he pretended to have put on a calm appearance, Pa total burden still a bit of.”
  Yuan Yue sq北京体验网uinting smile, “You can really understand him.”
  After the two men did not say anything, just squatting there watching Shen Xiao firewood, at the beginning, Shen Xiao always find prospective heart, split fork several times, but he was strong learning ability, it is open to get the hang of, after is a hack a quasi.
  See Shen Yu, nodding and smiling.
  No one will, Shen Xiao feet will be stocked with a small pile of firewood.
  He wiped the sweat, feel almost, ready to come in to take credit with Shen Yu.
  Such as Shen Xiao ax aside, the little assistant Yuan Yue just come in from outside, carrying two hand bamboo basket, which stood for lunch.
  She did not look up, so I can not find standing next to Shen Xiao, rushed into the yard inside after shouting, “Yuan sister, Yu sister, lunch coming!”
  Shen Xiao:???
  He then opening Hanz北京夜网hu people, “lunch in the house do not own?”
  This small assistant to see the yard there is a tall man, could not help but surprised, said: “Yes.Yes ah, the crew has a canteen.”