Slimming cream is completely slimming

Slimming cream is completely slimming

Clarins completely slimming essence cream body double effect, let the sponge tissue run all the way!


Reduce the aunt’s hoarding.


Stimulate lipolysis.


Strengthen the body’s self-depleting effect.


Firms and smoothes skin, strengthening skin’s surface texture

  The active ingredient is revealed: the ultimate active ingredient of Amazonian vanilla helps to slow down the synthesis of metalloproteinases through mature fecal cells.

Hortonia extract from Sri Lanka helps to inhibit the conversion of trace amounts of pre-granules to trace cells.

The cat’s palm tree from Peru inhibits the action of lipoprotein microenzymes capable of splitting molecular weight molecules.

  Concentration: 420 / 200ml Listed in May 2005?
H2O + Cellulite Firming Essence is specially designed for hypertrophic tendon tissue, edema-type obesity, muscle relaxation, stubborn orange peel, etc., using mango essence to decompose obese adults, and on the 14th, it quickly eliminates fat and drives away the orange peel muscle.The skin is smooth and firm.

  The active ingredients are revealed: the newly added mango extract effectively stimulates microvascular circulation, increases metabolism and accelerates unfortunate burning.

Together with the patented SepiliftTM botanical extract, its rich amino acids stimulate collagen production, avoid muscle relaxation and reconstitute skin tissue, and also have powerful antioxidant function. After 28 days of continuous use, the skin moisture is increased by 18 times.

In particular, with apricot core oil, its rich fatty acids help to supply a lot of water and vitamin E to the skin, preventing free radical damage.

The essence of the yerba mate tea can stimulate and effectively break down obese adults, making the body lines more delicate and moving.

  Upper limit: not priced in April 2005, L’Oreal Slimming Firming – Ginkgo and Caffeine Active Complex promotes skin microcirculation.

  - Denomination – ElastylTM Vitality Tightening reduces excess buildup.

  - Fresh water can quickly penetrate the skin.

  Minimum: 180 yuan / 200ml has been listed VICHY Vichy slimming slimming essence magical glucose decomposition factor and rutin component can effectively prevent the conversion of glucose into trace; caffeine, ginkgo and horse chestnut extract can accelerate the metabolism of adults; VICHY experimentThe innovative triple emulsification technology can gradually release the active ingredients throughout the day, allowing these healthy active molecules to reach deep into the skin and continue to function.

Effectively break down the accumulation of feces, improve the orange peel skin, and make the skin smooth and firm.

  Minimum: 298 yuan / 200ml has been listed Nivea body lotion with rich coenzyme Q10, prevent and slow down the “orange peel” phenomenon.

Effectively reduce obesity lines, motion lines and stretch marks.

Contains moisturizing repair factor liposomes and other moisturizing ingredients.

Gives you smooth, firm skin

  Weight: 298 yuan / 200ml has been listed