Deficiency of the spleen and stomach, eat these 10 kinds of food

Deficiency of the spleen and stomach, eat these 10 kinds of food

Most of the spleen and stomach deficiency medicine can not be cured, and can only be temporarily relieved.

If you want to raise your spleen and stomach, you have to rely on diet.

Then let’s take a look at what the spleen and stomach are eating.

  1, lotus root lotus root also has the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach, just because the lotus root is cold, it is not suitable for raw food, especially the spleen deficiency stomach cold patients must be cooked or steamed to eat, in order to achieve the effect of nourishing the stomach and spleen.

Raw food is counterproductive.

  2, brown sugar Many people know that brown sugar nourishing yin and blood, in fact, it also has an important role, that is, spleen and warm stomach.

Brown sugar is warm and easy to enter the spleen and stomach. If stomach pain or abdominal pain, drinking a cup of brown sugar water has a good relief effect.

For patients with spleen and stomach deficiency, brown sugar and longan, ginger juice boiled soup, the best effect, usually drink more.

  3, squid said that squid can warm the qi, raise the stomach and warm the stomach, is a good health.

It is true that it is very effective in treating spleen deficiency and weakness, and is therefore suitable for patients with spleen and stomach deficiency.

Fish diet routines and practices are no different, it should be noted that must use dried ginger, better relief of spleen and stomach cold.

  4, yam yam has a good stomach-raising effect, it is also a matter of sexual warmth, and the relief effect on cold syndrome is also very good.

It is rich in amylase and polyphenol oxidase, which helps digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach, and has a good effect on the spleen and stomach.

It is often used as a soup to drink, and it can also be used together with jujube to make soup better.

  5, glutinous rice glutinous rice is also a stomach to raise things, and it is warm, just suitable for patients with spleen and stomach deficiency.

In this way, its nutrition is very rich, but also very full, so it is not appropriate to eat too much at one time, eat the usual food intake.

Otherwise, eating more will cause a burden on the stomach.

The warm and spleen and stomach of glutinous rice is excellent, especially for patients with symptoms such as spontaneous sweating, loose stools and diarrhea.

  6, mutton since ancient times, in the Chinese medicine, the mutton is used as a traditional Chinese medicine, it is sweet, warm, has the effect of replenishing blood, treating lung deficiency, warming the stomach, has a good treatment for patients with spleen and stomach deficiencyefficacy.
Especially suitable for patients with thin and cold body.

  7, the jujube jujube’s nature is mild and full of beneficial blood and blood, for the spleen and stomach debilitation also have a good stomach and spleen effect.

Especially for people with less food or lack of blood caused by spleen and stomach deficiency, its therapeutic effect is more obvious.

  8, litchi lychee temperature, contains a lot of vitamins and protein, can promote the blood circulation of microvascular, and a long serial port operation stomach and spleen, and eat lychee can also enhance the body’s immunity, spleen and stomachCold patients are very effective.

  9, pig belly Many people do not know the pig’s belly also has the effect of warming the stomach and spleen, which is still benefited from its sexual temperature, sweet characteristics, very good neutralization of the spleen and stomach.

Especially for the elderly or women and children with weak spleen and stomach.

Generally use pork belly stew to drink, the effect is very good.

  10, ginger ginger is cold, it is possible to use ginger to remove the cold of the spleen and stomach, and it is a good relief and protection for spleen and stomach diseases.

Especially for patients with frequent cold pain in the abdomen, the effect is obvious.