There are people on either table, and Chen Mingyu Yan and Ming little good relat北京风月网ionship, she’s really looking for the police accused him of harassment Hing.

  Something not too.
  And at the moment of Chen Mingyu, really miserable.
  This girl is looking for him to trumpet great mentor when met, when driving past, a handsome girl wearing a white dress in the shade, Chen Mingyu car poured back.
  Wen Wen brings tears of a little girl, never said a word out loud, who would have thought could be so ruthless!
  Shen has a bar whip, is a former Big Brother Shen Shen father smoked, but Shen brother obedient, it never used the whip a few times, actually became a common tool pumping Shen brother of Chen Mingyu.
  The hands-on than the last Big Brother Shen also ruthless, but finally could not stand Shen sister stopped by, but nevertheless, Chen Mingyu the near future is not even think to go out.
  Lost people coul广州桑拿网d not leave not the worst, and the worst thing is, the next day Chen Mingyu also “sick in bed”, Shen Shen brother entrusted sister, began to choose a wife Chen Mingyu.
  By Shen brother’s words, Chen Mingyu this character, married to law-abiding down, so be sure to let Shen sister to find a forceful personality, the energy of the system is maintained Chen Mingyu.
  Chen Mingyu this was a panic, shouting sister sister-in-law of a Chase, who watched the daughter of his sister-in-law to pick have to cry.
  Shen sister earnestly told him that marriage is actually a very happy thing, Chen Mingyu really did not want to hear, finally hurry suddenly remembered Tang Siu-tong.
  Speaking of the most recent interest is not Tang Tang, Tang Tang Ming daughter home, get married if you insist, then we must find the most beautiful.
  Shen sist杭州桑拿洗浴er was surprised, and her husband go back and say this thing.
  Shen brother actually know the Tang Tang, Ming and before the little meet and chat Yan Tang had just talked to Tang, Ming Yan little niece was full of praise for this.
  So let Yan Ming litt