Gu sleepless been thinking about yesterday afternoon and the man made an appoin南宁桑拿tment to do, carrying a school bag to rush out of the classroom.
  He did not go home, go directly to the savory massage parlors.
  The 北京夜生活网man has not come yet.
  Gu Yun Jiao first brought her inside the house.
  He pulled out a plastic bag from a small bedside cabinet inside, and from the plastic bag and pulled out a skirt: “Get put on these clothes!”
  Gu sleep at her hand little red dress, stunned for a moment.
  ”Quick put ah!”Gu Jiao Yun urged her:” I am in the market to buy, be sure you wear good-looking.”
  Gu sleep did not say anything, undressed and put.
  Gu Yun Jiao help her back belt tied a pretty bow.
  Little red dress satin lining Gu Mian Fu Bai Xue wins, behind a closed belt, pinch out some small waist.
  ”So lovely!”Gu Yun Jiao shiny eyes looked at her:” I know, you sure look good to wear!”
  She spotted at a glance, Mian Mian white skin, be sure to wear on her very nice.
  I asked the price, the boss squinted to see her, say fifty dollars.
  True北京夜网 Guia.
  They are worth a month’s rent.
  Too expensive, she stood there for a long time with the boss cut prices, said dry saliva, tears last round and round in the eye socket, and finally Kandao thirty-five dollars, and finally bought teeth.
  She carried this skirt happy dizzy, wanted to give a surprise Gu sleep.
  But care for sleep but did not have much excitement happy, she cautiously asked: “how?Do you not like it?”
  Gu sleep touchedSmooth fabric, slightly looked up, smiled: “I like.”
  Her childhood dream was to have a own mini skirt.
  Others have not been through, and only their own mini skirt.
  Now her dream has come true.
  She was glad.
  See Gu sleep laughing, Gu Yun Jiao also could not help but smile and laugh again.
  ”Yun Jiao