Jin Yong is 79 years old and is a heart-to-heart bridge. He still lives for 94 years. These 3 health tips are remembered by everyone.

Jin Yong is 79 years old and is a heart-to-heart bridge. He still lives for 94 years. These 3 health tips are remembered by everyone.

According to Hong Kong media reports, a generation of martial arts novel masters, Hong Kong “Ming Pao” founder Jin Yong (formerly known as Charlene) died of illness, at the age of 94.

Mr. Jin Yong is the most recognized master of martial arts novels in modern China. Although he does not have martial arts, his pen is his sword and sword!

Mr. Jin Yong left, leaving us with 14 classic martial arts books, such as “Flying Snow, Shooting White Deer, Laughing Book and Relying on Bixi”.

In many 70s, after 80s, Jin Yong is always the martial arts dream of youth.

In the past 20 years, Mr. Jin Yong has been repeatedly rumored to be rumored. When the 79-year-old Jin Yong participated in the event at the Shanghai Peking Opera Theatre in 2002, the public appearance was called: “The heroes” who once transmitted the news of birth.Jin Yong made his first public appearance.

On the same day, Jin Yong discovered to reporters that he had undergone a heart bypass surgery a while ago, and humorously said that “there is no opening of the heart, but the blood vessels of the heart have been cleared.”

Mr. Jin Yong, who was a 79-year-old heart bypass surgery, still lives long enough to leave us at the age of 94. He witnessed and participated in the stories and turmoil of modern China, which is a miracle.

And we should also pay attention to the health of those long-lived old people.

1, the longevity of the elderly health care: scientific eating habits Many surgical patients in order to add nutrients to the body as soon as possible, a large number of chicken soup, eat health products, but to increase the body’s digestion burden.

It is also difficult to treat the health care products without any purpose, and it is more of a “placebo” effect.

When Mr. Jin Yong was young, he was also a man who had no meat and no joy. He and Cai Wei, Ni Kuang and Huang Zhan called “the four great talents of Hong Kong”, drinking and eating meat on many public occasions.

In the later years, people who like to eat meat should also pay attention to scientific diet.

For the elderly, in addition to eating tonics, attention should be paid to animal and plant proteins. Dairy products and various vegetables and fruits should be used as necessary supplements. The general principle is comprehensive and balanced.

2, the longevity of the elderly health care: drinking more tea and tea is our traditional Chinese culture, tea is a drink for ordinary people, for people like Jin Yong, this may be a kind of road, a kindPractice, drinking tea is also tempering its own heart.

Tea contains beneficial substances in tea, some tea polyphenols, teas and so on.

Studies have shown that long-standing tea can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and reduce the risk of cancer.

3, the longevity of the elderly health care: every day more than 30 minutes of exercise, whether it is elderly or young people, to ensure that more than 30 minutes of exercise every day is necessary, nothing better than the benefits of exercise for the body.

Regular exercise makes heart and lung function stronger, and it can relieve anxiety and improve sleep quality.

Keeping exercise is good for reducing chronic diseases such as obesity, gout, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Mr. Jin Yong also exposed himself to the top of the mountain for a few minutes after the operation, until the body began to sweat slightly to stop rest.

Dear friends, Mr. Jin Yong is gone, he left us with too many memories.

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