Afghan secret recipe for rapid toothache removal

Afghan secret recipe for rapid toothache removal

As the saying goes, “Toothache is not a disease, it hurts to be fatal.”

When there is a toothache, in addition to going to the hospital to find a doctor, some small folk prescriptions can sometimes cause analgesia.


Take the appropriate amount of garlic, and apply it to the pain point after warming to relieve the symptoms of pulpitis, periodontitis and toothache.


After the MSG and the warm water are opened at a ratio of 1:50, the MSG solution is spit out for a while.

This is done twice in a row, and the toothache will disappear after two days of persistence.


When you have a toothache, you can cut a small piece of ginger and bite it in the sore area. If necessary, you can reuse it.


Take 10 grams of white pepper and grind it into the end, add white wine into a paste, and put it into the cavity in 4 times.


Take the right amount of the hive, add the right amount of pure alcohol, ignite and burn. When the hive is burnt into black ash, apply it to the affected tooth with your finger, generally 4?
5 minutes can relieve pain.


Take the lard, all parts of the new cotton, heat the cotton with lard, bite in the toothache for a while, 1 time 1 change, repeated several times.


Take Liushen Pills 1?
2 capsules, crushed and placed on the teeth of the gums 5?
10 clocks, once a day, generally no more than 3 times.


Take 100 grams of white wine into the cup, add 10 grams of salt, stir, and then boil and dissolve.

With a bite in the pain (do not swallow), the toothache will stop immediately.