14 strategies to improve sleep quality Clear the barrier sleep

14 strategies to improve sleep quality Clear the “barrier” sleep

Lead: It may seem a little far-fetched to say that your sleep may be problematic, but in this productivity-driven society, sleep is often used as a victim of sacrifice for work.
Many people think that we need to pay attention to urgent and priority issues, but in fact we forget that sleep is one of the issues that needs priority attention.
  Psychology professors and behavioral sleep experts point out that adequate sleep is critical in ensuring health and quality of life.
As for how to improve your quality?
The following 14 strategies can improve your sleep quality.
Don’t worry about getting enough sleep for 8 hours. We often hear that enough sleep must be 8 hours.
In fact, sleep research experts say that this is just an average, and you may need more than 8 hours or less than 8 hours to keep you in top working condition.
Interestingly, it is common to see patients who have only 5 or 6 hours of sleep.
However, the patient’s family and friends have been worried about their lack of sleep time.
But in fact, these individuals have not been harmed, and they feel energetic throughout the day.
So you have to pay attention, as long as you can make your energetic sleep is good for you.
Don’t force yourself to fall asleep Many people force themselves to fall asleep, especially when there are important activities the next day, but you have to know that sleep has a biological process that cannot be forced to fall asleep.
Many times, short-term forced sleep, in the long run will lead to increased levels of insomnia.
So, let’s take a break instead of forcing ourselves to sleep.
So, suggestions can be involved in activities that make you relax, not those that you are eager to help you fall asleep.
Don’t sleep back when you don’t have symptoms of insomnia, don’t get up early in bed to wake up or wake up and stay up in bed.
Because doing so will upset your sleep patterns and lead to greater frustration.
List a list of your habits There are many rules for high-quality sleep: if you have regularity, find an way to relax yourself an hour before going to bed.
  But there will always be some people who break the rules, which will create a big obstacle to your sleep.
For example, drinking coffee before going to bed, working in bed, watching TV in bed.
If you have these problems, find a way to get rid of it.
The quality of sleep is always changing. Some bad habits are not always blamed, even if you currently have sleep problems.
Our sleep needs and sleep quality have been changing.
It may be very sensitive to outside disturbances at different times in our lives.
Many factors can cause this phenomenon, such as age, hormonal imbalances, illness, injury, stress and environmental changes.
Developing healthy sleep habits There are many ways to build your sleep needs, such as avoiding naps, exercising during the day, and dimming the bedroom lights at night.
Don’t worry about going to bed before going to bed. We tend to bring the troubles of the day to the bed.
If you experience some unpleasant things during the day, he is likely to affect your sleep.
Many of my patients have experienced work and family troubles during the day and have not affected their sleep even if they are resolved.
  Of course, at the beginning, your concerns may not be so obvious.
In most cases, patients report that they always think about trivialities when they try to fall asleep.When they think about it, they will find that the unresolved events that are encountered during the day will be presented as if they were movies.

  Therefore, we should go deeper to explore ideas that are of concern to others, they will amplify your troubles, so we have to find ways to clear them.


Recording the sleep log will let you know what you did at night. In particular, the log allows you to track your sleep patterns, daily habits and thoughts.

You can track down a few to go to bed; how long it takes to fall asleep; how long after you wake up at night to go to sleep; record your medication, alcohol and caffeine absorption.

  Note: If you are ready to record your thoughts, wait until dawn.

After all, it’s annoying to record those thoughts when you wake up.

Make it clear that what you want to change Before we start treating insomnia, we should clarify the reasons for improvement and think about your lack of satisfaction with those aspects of sleep.

Even if you have not experienced insomnia now, you can still find the problem you are facing with the help of it, so that you can change it in a targeted manner.


Two major obstacles to assessing sleep are: lengthy work hours and over-scheduled schedules.

You should consider how to adjust your schedule to improve your sleep quality.

Depriving sleep time can have serious consequences.

Insufficient sleep due to heavy workload is the leading cause of accidents.


Helping children For many children, premature class time has a great impact on their sleep.

In fact, some urban sleep experts and many parents tried to convince the school to change the class time, but the opinions were not adopted.

Therefore, parents are advised to educate their children to have enough sleep time to eliminate some of the interference factors in their bedroom, such as mobile TV, to encourage children to fall asleep earlier.


People who usually have insomnia spend a lot of time each day thinking about the effects of lack of sleep.

  Such as “I will lose my job”, “I will get sick” and so on.

Of course, we also know that the night of insomnia is very frustrating, so don’t enlarge the influence of insomnia, so as to help you overcome insomnia.


Behavioral cognitive therapy for insomnia is also suffering from insomnia?

Consider behavioral cognitive therapy.

Sleep hygiene rules are a good strategy for preventing insomnia.

It is like finding a dentist to wash your teeth.

Professor Speyer said that sometimes cleaning is not enough, and it needs to be placed.

Turn the clean sleep hygiene ratio into a filling.


Seek expert help If you think your sleep is disordered, you should go to the sleep center for expert help.

You can go to the expert’s help.

You have to be clear about the treatment of sleep disorders and there is no panacea.

Experts and doctors work together to guide each patient’s treatment plan to get the best treatment.