Note: The old man buys slippers and pays attention to it.

Note: The old man buys slippers and pays attention to it.

First of all, slippers must not be bought too big, too loose.

  The old man’s instep is generally tall, like to buy a big one.

But in general, the length and height of the slippers should be just enough to fill the feet, so that you can fully relax your feet and keep your feet down to prevent the old man from falling.

  Therefore, the old man should wear a small belt as little as possible, and choose a whole piece of slippers for the upper.

  Thin strap slippers and flip-flops can’t give enough support to the foot. When the heel is off the ground, the toe will bend and try to “hook” the upper. This is an unnatural force.

Excessive time can cause muscle soreness in front of the calf.

In order to avoid the shackles of the shoes, the elderly still have to unconsciously shorten the stride, which is easy to cause a fall.

  Then, the bottom is not too flat and too thin.

  After getting old, the muscles of many parts of the old man will shrink, and the soles of the feet will be no exception, and they will become dry.

If the sole is too thin, it will cause a pain in the foot, and the sole will be too flat. When walking, the sole of the foot must be pressed firmly against the sole.

This causes an increase in foot pressure, which causes the foot to feel tired due to nervous tension.

Such as long-term compression and friction, it is also easy to cause skin damage, especially in people with diabetes and diabetes, it is difficult to cure after skin damage.

Therefore, it is best to choose a pair of slippers with a 2-3 cm, or simply wear a pair of shoes to reduce the pressure on the arch, so that it has a protective effect.

  Fourth, the elderly go into the bathroom and the kitchen due to the high temperature. Therefore, the bottom of the beef tendon should be selected, and the sole pattern is relatively deep to prevent slipping.

  Fifth, the elderly should choose slippers that are better in warmth.

  The feet of the person are far away from the heart, and the blood supply is relatively excessive. When the cold is weak, the sensory force of the end of the foot is reduced, the adaptability and the tolerance are deteriorated, resulting in stiffness and numbness. At this time, suddenly the ground or force is used, which easily causes tissue contusion.

Old people often wear slippers at home. If you ignore the warmth of your feet, cold evil can easily invade the human body through the feet, or the old disease recurs, or damages the yang, and induces new diseases.

Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly choose soft, fluffy, slightly thicker slippers to isolate the cold.

  It is important to note that elderly people with obesity or high blood pressure are advised to wear a pair of shoes that are fitted at home.