Just after the summer, you still need to guard against the yin and sorrow

Just after the summer, you still need to guard against the yin and sorrow

Heatstroke is a common disease in summer, especially in the elderly and infirm.

Chinese medicine believes that there is a yin and a yang in the summer, and the “moving and getting it is a heat”. Most of the heat strokes we usually refer to.

Most of the patients work under the scorching sun, or walk long distances, or because of continuous work in high temperature, poor ventilation, and high humidity environment. This kind of heat stroke is often serious and critical, people are preventing the replacement of the heat, butInflammatory heat syndrome is often poorly understood.

  The chilly attacker is quick to know.

Do not know that there are many people who commit crimes, so those who are sick in the summer, the summer is in their eighty-nine.

“The onset of stagnation heat is caused by excessive heat and cold in the summer, that is, the so-called “quiet and stagnation”, such as sleeping at night, or sitting in a sloping place, or taking a long time, orImmediately after exercise, use cold water to top the body, or immediately drink a lot of cold water or iced drinks, or be blown by strong winds when sleeping, causing wind, cold, and wet evil to invade the body and cause “yin heat”, trying to make the Ming DynastyMedical scientist Zhang Jingyue pointed out: “The people who are suffering from the heat, because of the heat, are also cold.

In other words, the cause of the illness is not simply summer heat, but also cold and wet.

The course of the summer heat is relatively long, the wet evil is sticky, the treatment is not right, and the patient is extremely distressed.

Modern medicine believes that the cause of the heat is that in the hot climate, the body’s metabolism is strong, the physical exertion is high, and the resistance is weakened. When the climate suddenly turns cold or suddenly stimulates the cold, the pathogenic microorganisms will take advantage of it.Causes upper respiratory tract infection or vomiting and diarrhea, and even causes eyelid dislocation, causing complications such as stroke and hemiplegia.

  Prevention of yin and heat should pay attention to not being too greedy, sleeping or using the fan all night long, air conditioning, tempering cold food and sweating after a cold shower.

Especially for the elderly, children, pregnant women, infirm and combined with host disease, it is easy to cause this disease, especially to strengthen protection.

Once suffering from yin and yin, the treatment should be used to solve the wet method. You can choose the Chinese patent medicine Liuyi San, Huoxiang Zhengqi Pill (water) orally.

Or use traditional Chinese medicine toon, bellflower, almond, tangerine peel, musk, light soybean meal, water decoction, 2 times a day; or replace the toon, magnolia, lentils, sage, perrin, tangerine peel, simmer, water decoction2 times a day.

The head is as heavy as a wrapper, and it can be added to live, vines; cold evils make the stomach, causing the stomach to fall without falling, abdominal fullness, and those who are not fragrant, can add grass jelly, French Pinelli, Divine Comedy.