Workplace pressure constantly needs to stop calling

Workplace pressure constantly needs to stop calling

I am almost crazy, I can’t wait to take everything over.

I know that this is not good, and I am tired of this state, but I don’t know how to stop myself.

  ”Hurry and stop for yourself, give yourself a chance to breathe and adjust. Otherwise, whether it is psychological or physical, health problems may occur.

“Sun Chunyun, a clinical psychologist at Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, said that people in the workplace always face “endless work pressure”, but many times people take the initiative to accept it. Sometimes it is more important to refuse work pressure.

  Appropriately rejecting many people in the workplace, although they indicated that they are not willing to accept the “endless” work, but when the boss assigned himself to the task, he never tried or even thought about taking the initiative to refuse.

Most people in the workplace are even unhappy and will accept the arrangement of their superiors.

  Sun Chunyun analyzed that this is actually “actively passive acceptance”, which is an important reason for the constant work and pressure.

Therefore, it is especially valuable to try to communicate with your boss about the work you are doing.

It is important to know that human risk and tolerance are limited. If the mental state is tight for a long time, it is in a state of stress. Even if there is time to relax, it is difficult to relax.

  Prioritize your work If you have a lot to do, it is very likely that you will write it down in the form of a list.

In order to prevent omissions, it is more important to help you prioritize your work and separate the order in which work is done and completed.

  Many times, looking at the list of work, you will find that some things can be done in the future, there is no need to squeeze in the work list to join in the fun.

The work list can also help you to know what you are doing.

After the work is completed, use the pen to cross it out of the list, and it also gives people a sense of accomplishment.

  Losing perfectionism perfectionism is also an important reason for people’s pressure.

At work, some people pursue perfection, and they want to do their best and do their best.

So there are constant repetitions, modifications, etc.

  Sun Chunyun said that this situation is easy to appear in the middle leadership.

Pursuit of perfection is a kind of performance, but if you are overly nitpicking, even if everything is completely smashed, it is completely unnecessary.

If you always repeat your work, positivity will naturally be hit.

  Don’t always put pressure on the workplace, some people always put “tired”, “stressful” and so on.

Sun Chunyun pointed out that proper catharsis is very helpful for relieving emotions, but it is also necessary to prevent the opposite situation.

  If you keep shouting “tired” and “stressful”, it may bring bad psychological hints and form a kind of thinking inertia.

Sometimes it is not even stressful, it will create the illusion of stress.

Longevity and health, keep the ten heart

Longevity and health, keep the “ten heart”

After the retirement of the elderly, some of the “hearts” still have not retired, and the sense of loss is disturbed by the sense of loss; some are for the future of children and grandchildren, marriage housing, family trivia, etc., busy and exhausted; some due to widowhood, family disharmony, financial constraintsWait, worry.
Long-term mental stress, anxiety, trouble, depression, easy to cause high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc., affecting physical and mental health and longevity.
Therefore, we must pay attention to raising the “heart” and learn to control and regulate our own emotions.
  Meditation is the foundation of health.
The heart is full of illnesses, and the heart is calm.
The heart is always quiet, the gods are safe, and the gods are spirited.
When you think about it, let it go, let it go, calm and calm.
  Qingxin Life is in the world, and there must be an elegant realm of “indifferent to fame and fortune, tranquility and far-reaching”. The heart is clear as water, indifferent to fame and fortune, and the outside world is shut out of everything that interferes with the soul. It is fun and enjoyable.
  The heart of the old man who has experienced the rough heart is as wide as the sea and accommodates hundreds of rivers.
If you don’t want to worry about things, you can’t keep up, don’t be angry, don’t move your heart, and your heart is open-minded and self-solving.
The wide heart can melt the frost of the heart and dispel the clouds.
Tolerate others and be kind to yourself.
Tolerance transforms the bitter, sweet and sour life into a colorful movement.
  It is inevitable that people will live in the world.
It is necessary to be convinced of Pepsi, to be generous and generous, not to rumor, to retaliate, to fight against anger, to do a good job in family and interpersonal relationships.
Tolerate generosity and enjoy it.
  If you are old, don’t just think about pampering and doing nothing, but you should use your brains to live and learn.
Read more and read newspapers, and diligently think about it, not only to increase knowledge, but also to strengthen the heart and delay aging.
More hobbies, such as painting and calligraphy, playing chess, singing, dancing, raising flowers, fishing, collecting stamps, etc., can cultivate sentiment, and mind and body.
  Childlike Hearts Old people should always keep children’s hearts, keep children’s interests, play with their grandchildren, go to the streets, squat parks, stack blocks, fly kites, and get rid of grandchildren and enjoy the happiness of family.
Laughing and laughing with the side, laughing and opening, youthful, and enjoying the day.
  Confidence The old man must have sufficient confidence in life, any difficulties can be overcome, and any disease can be defeated.
Confidence can produce strong vitality, is the spiritual pillar in old age, and is good for physical and mental health.
  Perseverance Perseverance is a necessary condition for longevity.
For example, exercise only by adhering to regular exercise can achieve fitness goals.
No matter what you do, you can only succeed if you persist.
  Love The elderly couple should be accompanied by love.
As the saying goes: “One day couples have a hundred days of grace, and a couple of days are like a sea deep”; “the wife and the husband are less ill, and the good wife wins the good medicine” is the reason.
Husband and wife, mutual respect and love, mutual help and mutual learning, mutual respect and mutual trust, learn from each other’s strengths, warm and happy, healthy and longevity.
  Kindheartedly Get along with others with kindness and integrity, be open-minded and help others, not only have nothing to worry about, but also feel relaxed and happy.
The longevity of people, the shortness of understanding, the longevity of people, the shortcomings of self-compliance, and the harmonious interpersonal relationship are only extremely healthy mental attitudes, which help to prolong life.

Digging the inner fear of the elderly

Digging the inner fear of the elderly

What are the most worried about the elderly?

  According to a report on the US MSNBC website on April 25, an online survey in the United States found that at 2.

About one-third of the 80,000 respondents said that their greatest fear of aging is that they can’t take care of themselves and their families; nearly one-fifth of them worry that they will lose their intelligence; only 7% say they are the mostWorried about the future wrinkles, old and unbearable.

  According to this, nearly 60% of respondents believe that as they grow older, their biggest task is to stay healthy.

For example, they will insist on eating healthy foods, actively exercising, or taking anti-aging supplements, and other preventive measures such as hormone therapy to achieve longevity.

  Keith Weber of California is one of them.

He pays great attention to diet, regular exercise, and will receive a series of supplements including Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidant arginine.

He said: “I don’t want to live to 100 years old, I don’t think about quality life, I can take care of myself.

I am 66 years old now, but the appearance and action are like 50-year-olds, and there is energy than many 40-year-olds.

When asked if they would like to live longer than their friends and family, nearly two-thirds said they only hoped that they would be healthy if they were in good health.

Taylor of Texas said: “I don’t care how long I can live, as long as I can take care of myself.

My four grandparents lived to be over 85 years old, but after 80 years old, their quality of life has been greatly reduced. This is not what I hope.

“About 10% of people said that they are not worried about aging at all.”

Because aging is only a normal part of the journey of life.

However, more respondents expressed the same view as Weber and Taylor: Old people are seeking a healthier, higher quality life than simply extending their life or retaining their youthful appearance.

It should be said that this is a good black man.

Eye bags are too heavy for you to recommend the best way to go to the bags under the eyes

Eye bags are too heavy for you to recommend the best way to go to the bags under the eyes

I still remember the eye exercises that we had done in junior high school and high school. Every day, looking at the computer against the book, working overtime and working overtime, did not hinder eye exercises during the time.

Eye care surgery is to eliminate eye fatigue to prevent myopia, recombination is to eliminate eye swelling and prevent eye bags.

Eye cream, eye cream recovery is to eliminate fine lines on the eyes, replacement can remove eye bags.

However, the effective way to use it is to apply the eye cream to the belly of the hand and then apply it in a circular motion until the eye cream is completely absorbed by the eye skin.

Some people will find long-term edema in their eyes, which means that the food you eat is salty, which indirectly causes you to drink too much water before going to bed at night, which directly causes eye swelling. This is the cause of the formation of false eye bags.

Therefore, diet should pay attention to light, usually add more vitamin A, eat more black sesame, blueberry and other foods, is very good for the eyes.

Put on the eye massager before going to bed, don’t take it off at night, give the eyes a safe and comfortable massage all night, wake up in the morning, there will be no swelling and swelling of the eyes, naturally no eye bags.

In addition, applying green tea to the eyes is a good way to reduce swelling: soak the green tea bag with boiling water and apply it to the eye for ten minutes, and the edema will be eliminated soon.

If you do not have a tea bag, you can also replace it with boiled eggs.

However, these methods can only alleviate the urgency of the moment and cannot cure the problem.

If you have fresh potatoes at home, you can cut the small potatoes into small pieces and put them on your eyes for 15 minutes before going to bed at night, because the potato chips are very cold, and they are well-formed in the eyes.effect.

Apply once every other day.

Stick your eyes with your eyes, wash your face at night, after the mask is finished, let the music be relaxed and happy, relax your body, put your head on the pillow, close your eyes gently, then stick the eyeIn the eye, stick it for 15 minutes.

The eye patch shrinks to eliminate the eye bags, and it can also replenish the eye skin, leaving the skin delicate and flawless.