Melon seeds increase fertilizer and promote digestion and absorption

Melon seeds increase fertilizer and promote digestion and absorption

The seeds are rich in nutrients and attractive in aroma. They are natural fattening foods.

Watermelon can strengthen the stomach, strengthen the lungs, and moisten the intestines; sunflower seeds are rich in fatty acids and vitamin E; pumpkin seeds have an insect-repellent effect, and appropriate seeds can stimulate the taste nerves on the tongue, promote saliva, secretion of gastric juice, and facilitate digestion.It is good for health and can also promote the movement of facial muscles.

According to reports, sunflower seeds have medical value and can cure diseases such as diarrhea and impetigo.

  The nutrition of the seeds is very high, and the vitamin, protein and oil content are outstanding.

(Eating a handful of melon seeds every day is good for calming mood, preventing, preventing and preventing adult diseases; treating insomnia, enhancing memory; preventing cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and other diseases).

  “嗑” is more likely to benefit a lot. After all, it can enhance the digestive function. This is because the fragrance of the seeds stimulates the “taste bud” on the tongue, making it excited, passing to the digestive organs, saliva of various digestive enzymes, gastric juice, etc.The secretion is correspondingly strong, and it is certainly conducive to digestion and stagnation.

嗑 饭 before meals, promote appetite; 饭 after meals, digest food.

Especially after eating greasy food, picking up a melon seeds is more beneficial.

  After the meal, the melon seeds are good, because both sunflower seeds and watermelon seeds can be eaten, protein, zinc and other trace elements and multivitamins can enhance digestion.

The seeds can make the entire digestive system active.

The scent of the seeds stimulates the taste buds on the tongue. The taste buds convert this nerve impulse into the brain, and the brain reacts to the digestive organs such as salivary adenosine, so that the secretion of saliva and gastric juice rich in various digestive enzymes is relatively strong.

  Therefore, pregnant women lick the seeds before or after meals, and the digestive juice is continuously secreted, which is very beneficial for digestion and absorption.

Therefore, before the meal, the melon seeds can promote the appetite, and the melon seeds can help digestion after the meal.

If several kinds of seeds are mixed, the effect is better.

Only the sunflower seeds contain high levels of fat, and friends who eat too much.

  There are many benefits to eating melon seeds. For example, linoleic acid in melon seeds can keep blood pressure stable, lower cholesterol in the body and so on.

But eating too much melon seeds can easily aggravate the liver burden and form an abnormal liver, and then there are melon teeth.

Scientific theory has proven that sunflower seeds contain certain oils that are good for the skin/eyes/brains.

  The downside of eating melon seeds: the melon seeds contain too much salt, which is easy to cause high blood pressure, and high blood pressure is the source of all diseases.

Long-term melon seeds and melon seeds will take away a lot of people’s saliva, and a large number of people lacking saliva will have threats and harms.

  Most people with diabetes know that diet therapy is an important means to control the rise of blood sugar. Knowing that a small amount of meals is needed to reduce the burden of micro-islands and control the development of the disease, eating snacks has become one of the means to ensure rich nutrition.

In daily life, many patients love to eat melon seeds, and even the whole day, the melon seeds do not leave their mouths. They think that this can alleviate the sense of obesity. As everyone knows, eating more melon seeds is not good for diabetes.

  Because the melon seeds contain a certain amount of sugar, diabetics should try to eat as little as possible. If you eat 500 grams of melon seeds every day, it will definitely affect blood sugar, which is not conducive to diabetics to control blood sugar.

In addition, in addition to rich protein, melon seeds have oils and fats, and a large amount of ingestion increases the amount of blood and increases blood lipids.

A part of blood lipids can be converted into glucose by gluconeogenesis, which raises blood sugar.

In addition, when the seeds are licked, saliva is lost by being spit out on the melon seed shell.

Excessive saliva loss can lead to oral ulcers, gingivitis, dental caries, indigestion and other diseases, but also delays the taste and loss of appetite.

Saliva helps to clear the food residue in the mouth, reduce the chance of bacterial growth and fermentation, and protect the oral mucosa. Once a diabetic patient has a mouth ulcer, it is difficult to heal. Therefore, when eating sunflower seeds, it is best to peel the shell by hand.Remember not to eat too much at one time.

  People with diabetes should count the amount of seeds and try to reduce the intake of oil.

When you want to eat it, don’t exceed 150 grams a day.

And to be converted into energy from the total daily diet change, if you eat a 100 grams of cooked steamed bread, you can eat not more than 70 grams of shelled sunflower seeds, but also regularly go to the hospital to check blood sugar.

Counting cucumber weight loss classic recipe

Counting cucumber weight loss classic recipe

Lead: Cucumber not only lose weight but also beauty, it is a good way to lose weight in beauty.

Cucumber is rich in vitamins, which provide sufficient nutrients for skin and muscles. It can effectively resist skin aging, reduce wrinkles and prevent cheilitis and angular cheilitis.

Cucumber is called “the beauty agent in the kitchen.”

Cucumber is a very effective natural beauty product.

The cucumber enzyme contained in fresh cucumber is a very biologically active biological enzyme, which can effectively promote the body’s metabolism, expand skin capillaries, promote blood circulation, enhance skin’s redox effect, and have amazing moistness.Skin beauty effect.

Apply the skin with fresh cucumber juice daily to receive a moisturizing effect on the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Lemon juice cucumber raw materials: 1 fresh cucumber, 1 lemon, soy sauce, oyster sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt, sesame oil, oyster sauce method: 1, the anti-cucumber cut into such a short paragraph.

2, cut a lemon, take half of it to squeeze out the lemon juice, soy sauce, oyster sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt, sesame oil, oyster sauce stir evenly, drenched on the cucumber and you’re done.

Tip: citric acid vitamin C, sour lemon with sweet cucumber, is a lot of MM’s favorite drinks.

Fan garlic steamed cucumber raw materials: cucumber, fans, red pepper, ginger, garlic, shallot, salt, soy sauce, Shao wine, sesame oil method: 1, cucumber peeled and cut oblique section with salt stains, fans bubble spare; 2, the garlic is slightly fried with warm oil, add salt, chicken essence, Shao wine red pepper and mix well 3, put the cucumber section into the dish, put a fan, then put the garlic juice, 4, after the water is openedPut it in a steamer for 2 minutes, sprinkle it into the wok, and pour the soy sauce and some hot oil.

TIPS: This is a savory, refreshing and palatable diet dish that is delicious and low in fat. Come and try it!

What are the benefits of eating coarse grains for the elderly?

What are the benefits of eating coarse grains for the elderly?

Nowadays, people who value health care are increasingly choosing to eat whole grains. Coarse grains can help us regulate our health.

So, what is the application of the coarse grains to the body?

  1, promote detoxification of coarse grains in addition to the stomach has a good promotion of digestion, it can also help our large intestines better peristalsis, good prevention of constipation and the occurrence of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, thereby promoting the body to replace the excess toxins.

  2, to maintain healthy teeth, the elderly often eat coarse grains in life can exercise and repair chewing ability and gums, but also can thoroughly clean the dirt between the teeth, protect the health of the mouth, so that the health of elderly friends.

  3, to protect cardiovascular age, generally more or less will have some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, usually eat a little coarse grain can reduce blood low blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis.

Because the coarse grains contain very rich plant fibers, the plant fibers enter our tandem and can be perfectly integrated with bile acids, so eating more whole grains can prevent the effects of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  4, regulate blood sugar all grains or whole grains of food, after the meal, blood sugar test is lower than eating fine rice and noodles food glycemic index, coarse grains can greatly reduce the absorption of sugar, help improveHigh blood sugar or glycemic index in diabetic patients.

Health organizations and many medical societies strongly recommend diabetes patients, and should regularly consume high-fiber, low-glycemic coarse grains to control blood sugar.

  5, improve the balance of the internal environment, although the taste is not good, but contains very high vitamins.

For example, vitamin E and vitamin B, these elements can help the body to clear free radicals, improve the balance in our body, and can delay aging.

  6, to prevent the formation of gallstones in our blood plasma is not excreted for a long time, it is easy to appear stones.

The dietary fiber in the food made from coarse grains can adjust the proportion in the body to the normal range, thus effectively preventing the occurrence of gallstones.

Living in the elderly can also health

Living in the elderly can also “health”

In the United States, many people like to embrace the old-age model. In Germany, cohabitation-aged pensions are highly sought after.

In China, living in the old age is a rising model of old-age care.

As China gradually becomes aging, how to care for the elderly is a hot issue at the moment.

Previously, the CCTV4 Chinese international channel “Going Around China” broadcasted the “Traveling on the Road to the Elderly” program. This program recorded the process of middle-aged and old friends in Fushun, Liaoning Province, living in Yangzhou.

Some people think that when the program is over, most people choose to stay in Yangzhou for a few more days, and some of the old people even express their reluctance to “come up, don’t want to go, go and still want to come.”
What are the benefits of living in a pension?

Looking at the scenery of each area during the trip is a completely different experience, understanding the local customs, culture and art, and broadening the horizon.

I have lived in my own city for decades, and I am surrounded by old environments, old sights, and old acquaintances.

Occasionally, you may wish to go out and give life a little new life.

Enjoy the closeness to nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Relaxing your mood and prolonging your life.

The characteristics of eating and drinking vary from place to place, such as Beijing Roast Duck and Tianjin Dogs.

Many people are unable to travel because of their busy work when they are young. Therefore, after retirement, many elderly people go to the car together, stay together, climb mountains and eat at the same table. It must be a laughter and a happy scene.

Walking every day, 4 benefits walk out, healthy and healthy

Walking every day, 4 benefits “walk” out, healthy and healthy

With the improvement of living conditions, the amount of exercise of people has dropped drastically, and the health status of many people has shown a sub-health state.

The root cause of this imagination is mainly related to unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.

Therefore, in recent years, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the nature of health, and are keen on exercise, among which walking exercise is one of the simpler ones.

In this issue, let’s take a look at the health benefits of walking exercise.

The benefits of walking exercise are more than one. Walking can enhance physical walking and make our legs move. It is easier for us to move our internal organs.

Nowadays, most people do not exercise in the office for a long time, and the body is in a state of no movement for most of the time. At the same time, the internal organs are still not moving, and it is prone to hardening and deformation over time.

If you walk often and let your body organs follow, you can reduce the chance of visceral illness. For example, walking can reduce the secretion of adrenaline, which can prevent vascular diseases.

2, walking can be active and sitting in the meridian, lying, the meridians on our body will also become unsmooth, easily lead to our body becomes hard, there will be uncomfortable symptoms when moving muscles.

This is because of the consequences of our infrequent movements, so people with such situations should pay attention to letting them move more and walk more.

Because there are a lot of acupuncture points under our feet, when we walk, these acupuncture points are pressed and stimulated, and the meridians and acupoints of the whole body are also exercised to dredge the meridians, and at the same time, it can promote blood circulation and enhance metabolism.

3, walking can lose weight and move less meat, although walking is not like running or other sports, can quickly consume energy, but insist on walking exercise can still help to lose weight, especially for people who want to stovepipe.

In addition, after a meal, I won’t find it.

Because we can consume 160 kilocalories of energy in one hour of walking, and walking after a meal can help the stomach to digest food, prevent slight accumulation in the body, and have the effect of slimming down.

4, walking can make the mood happy When we walk, the brain will be stimulated to release endocrine, easy to relieve the fatigue and stress of the day, the body will feel relaxed and comfortable.

Therefore, walking more can improve the health of the brain, and it is also good for improving memory.

Since walking has so many benefits to our body, how to walk and exercise is healthier?

Walking exercise has a particular emphasis on walking. Everyone walks regularly, but regular walking can bring health benefits.

Generally, people who are just beginning to walk will walk for half an hour at a normal pace, and then gradually progress gradually.

However, for people with a high heart rate or older age, it is necessary to slow down the walking speed when performing walking training.

·When you walk, you must have a correct posture, sit in a sitting position, walk and have a correct walking posture, and master the correct walking posture to make your body healthier.

The correct walking posture has requirements for the front and the back. When walking, the chest should be abdomen, the shoulders will naturally sink, and the two arms will naturally swing when walking.

In short, walking exercise can help us maintain health, especially now that young white-collar workers do not have time for continuous exercise, then choosing to go to work when they go to work or after work can improve many of our sub-health problems.

In the spring, I am still eager to reduce the clothes.

In the spring, I am still eager to reduce the clothes.

Due to the changing temperature in Yinchuan in recent days, the cold and sudden heat has caused a large number of people to get upper respiratory tract infections and catch a cold.

The number of cold patients in major hospitals in Yinchuan City has increased significantly.

Liu Hua, the chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the People’s Hospital of the Autonomous Region, reminded the public that spring is a period of high-risk flu, so it is best not to change spring clothes easily.

  In the past two weeks, the temperature in Yinchuan has risen from minus 10 degrees to 19 degrees above zero, and suddenly it has replaced zero degrees below zero. Many citizens in the sudden changes in high temperature have increased or decreased clothes and caught a cold.

Director Liu said that the weather in the spring is changeable. You should drink plenty of water. If you feel that your throat is uncomfortable, you can take some throat tablets. When you encounter wind and sand, it is best to wear a mask when you go out.

Try to take your child to a densely populated place. The child’s room should be kept warm and the humidity in the room should be increased. When the child moves and sweats, changing clothes in time can also significantly reduce the child’s respiratory illness.

“For children with cold and cough, prevention is better than cure. Parents can usually strengthen children’s physique by establishing a healthy diet and lifestyle.

“Fresh green leafy vegetables and various fruits are ingested with vitamin C. It can promote the synthesis of human immune group antibodies, enhance immunity, and prevent colds, so usually eat more vegetables and various fruits.

Eat more iron-rich foods, iron-rich foods can trigger the recovery of immune cells, milk, eggs, spinach, meat, etc. are very rich in iron content.

  Director Liu reminded the public that once the public is sick, they will go to the hospital for treatment in time, rest in bed, drink plenty of water and prevent fatigue.

“From the point of view of the consultation, patients who come to see a doctor have a long time after the illness, and generally need to last more than one week. If accompanied by a cough, the time will be shortened, so do not arbitrarily reduce clothes during this season.